April 3, 2008

Ever since Rush Limbaugh went to flapping his respected jaws proclaiming Governor Bobby Jindal as “the next Ronald Reagan”, Internet bloggers and major news organizations from all across the country have been trying to trump each other with their praise and calls for Senator John McCain to pick Governor Bobby Jindal as his running mate in the upcoming Presidential election.


Will somebody please send these people a “2×4 wakeup call” and tell them to leave our miracle working Governor the hell alone!!!


But wait! Is this the attempt by jealous conservatives to steal away the most popular, most capable, and most honest Governor in Louisiana history, or is it actually something far more devious AND typical of those responsible for keeping Louisiana in the worst conditions for decades?


It is certainly a rare experience to see a Louisiana politician being praised (especially one in the Democrat PartyJ ), but having the national press and bloggers all across the country fawning all over our new Governor, after repeated efforts by the Governor himself to enlighten these inconsiderate bandits, is becoming not only irritating, but suspicious.


Yes, suspicious. Think about it. Why would notoriously, liberal media be promoting a pro-life, pro-2d Amendment, pro-charter school, pro-business, and “notoriously” conservative Governor to be on the Republican Presidential ticket? I can think of two very specific reasons.


First, and superficial, is that by having a TRUE conservative, unlike McCain, on the ticket will make it much easier for the Dems to motivate their voters and fight against their obvious (and comical) party division. Many Dems are threatening to crossover to McCain if their choice, Obama or Oclinton, is not the Dem candidate. Governor Jindal would provide the necessary conservatism, something very lacking in the McCain campaign, to persuade those Dems to remain loyal to the Democrat ticket. (No, that was not a typo. This morning on FoxNews’ “Fox and Friends”, Senator McCain made a Freudian, but accurate, slip when he said “I respect Senator Obama. I respect Senator Oclinton”. It would seem Senator McCain cannot tell the difference either.)


Much more devious, and more characteristic of a liberal media that has never let the truth get in their way of manipulating public opinion,  is the possibility that the liberal media is trying to sabotage the political career of the most popular, most capable, most honest and most conservative Governor in Louisiana history.


“Conspiracy nut”, you, say? Well, open your mind (for a change?) and consider this. One common point that comes up with this VP speculation is the (very likely) possibility of Governor Jindal becoming President. With such admiration being displayed by conservatives across the country for Governor Bobby Jindal, it only make sense that Democrats are in crisis mode planning to counter this obvious assault on their Socialist agenda.


It would be political suicide for Governor Jindal to accept any offer to be Vice President, NO MATTER WHO WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.


The outrage from abandoned Louisiana conservatives would be so severe that Governor Jindal would become an albatross around the neck of McCain. The chants of “I told you so” from the

Louisiana “Good Old Boys” would be deafening and provide the disingenuous Dems with the necessary material needed to successfully complete their planned sabotage of having another Republican in the White House.


This will not be near as easy to do as it was to make McCain the Republican Presidential candidate, and all stops will have to be removed to give them a chance at success. Of course, the continued help by clueless bloggers and news periodicals will only serve to embolden these charlatans.


The biggest obstacles in this underhanded plan are the constants the liberals cannot control;….Governor Bobby Jindal is smarter than all of them,…… he is more honest than all of them,…… and his loyalties are to his family, his neighbors and his home.


“I will serve a full eight years if the people are kind enough to reelect me, but, I will leave the Presidency for others. My passion is Louisiana. My family is here and I want to change my State.” – Congressman Bobby Jindal interviewed by LouisianaConservative.com


“I have a job.” “I look forward to being reelected.” – Governor Bobby Jindal while attending a so-called “clandestine” bloggers meeting organized by REDSTATE.com and attended by LousiaianaConservative.com and Townhall.com.


“Melissa Sellers, Jindal’s press secretary, said the governor is “very flattered” by the 2008 ticket talk, “but obviously, he has a lot of work to do here in Louisiana and that is his only focus. Our state has a great chance to make big changes, and that is all he is thinking about.” ” ABC Online. 


I think everyone should take note of who continues to fan these VP flames. They will not be a friend of Governor Bobby Jindal and they certainly are not a friend of Louisiana.

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