11 Inconvenient Truths

April 10, 2008

Every once in a while I like to write down my various thoughts on life, politics, et al. I suspect that over time some of those thoughts will change and writing them down allows me to go back and see how they have changed, if they have, and understand why they changed.

I do this because I want to consistently better myself as a person and it is not enough to think to your self how wonderful the world would be if we all just became better individuals and then pat yourself on the back for coming up with this conclusion all on your own. I choose to live my life in the best possible manner.
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1. All tyrannies are enabled by people who think government can do good.

2. The more a man accuses others, the more he exposes his own guilt.

3. Every man has the Right to forfeit his own freedom, but he has absolutely no right to surrender it for future generations.
4. It is innate to believe one is better than most people, it’s wisdom to know you are not.

5. There are two types of people in politics, those who get things done and those who take the credit.

6. The energy of youth is destroyed by inexperience.

7. The oppressors complain the most about oppression, and the oppressed believe them.

8. The desire for greatness leads to destruction, the desire for humbleness leads to greatness.

9. Men will change but man will never change.

10. Selfish people live miserable lives and die poor.

11. Rights come from God, if they came from anywhere else, they’d be mere privileges.


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