10 Reasons Why I Won’t Support Barack Obama’s Re-Election

May 6, 2011

It comes as no shock to many of you that I unfortunately will not be endorsing Barack Obama’s re-election. Although I hear in the media that since Barack Obama has killed Osama, that he’s a shoe in for a second term. I have a number of reasons why I simply can not bring myself to support a second term. So many in fact, that this may be the single most difficult article that I have ever had to write. I have to whittle it down to ten reasons? This could require another post titled reasons 11 -20 why I won’t support Barack Obama’s Re-election, because I know there’s going to be a lot of things I leave off.

Let’s start with something that I am sick and tired of hearing about. I’m sick and tired of it because it doesn’t matter now, we’re not getting back the last 2 1/2 years, and even if true, it won’t be until after 2012 before anything can be done about it. In order to do something about it, the Republicans have to win back the Senate and maintain control of the House. If they do that, Barack Obama will lose the election anyway. I swear, I’m going to give the next person who mentions the birth certificate to me a piece of my mind. I don’t care if you’re a birther or a certificator, I don’t want to hear it any more.

Which is why reason number 1 is Obama’s Birth Certificate. The Left in this country is right about something. His birth certificate should not even be an issue 2 1/2 years into his Presidency, which begs the question, why didn’t he release it sooner, especially since he claims to be so transparent? I especially don’t want him as the President any more because he was willing to drag this nation on over an issue that was a requirement of his employment. Imagine taking 2 1/2 years to show your identification to your employer. You wouldn’t even have a job that long.

Reason number 2 is gas prices. I’m sure glad somebody in the administration thinks we should be paying 7, 8, or even 9 bucks a gallon for gas. I’m talking about Stephen Chu, Obama’s Energy Secretary. You know, I’d much rather pay higher gas prices in order to have clean energy than to afford things such as food, clothes, and other necessary things. It wouldn’t be so bad had Obama merely kept him as an adviser, but to follow that advice with action is devastating. Denying drilling permits in Alaska as well as the gulf permeates the Obama administration’s intent on increasing gas prices.

Imagine if we had a shortage of food world wide and the price of food was skyrocketing, and the administration decided they would impose a moratorium on new farm land permits. Imagine, if the administration said we can’t plant new crops, I’m sure it’s easy if you try. We’d be outraged. By the same token, with gas prices skyrocketing, why aren’t we drilling more?

Reason 3, he still hasn’t released his collegiate records. I’ve heard claims that he’s a Constitutional scholar, but apparently this Constitutional Scholar did not know that being born in the United States is a Constitutional qualification to serve as President. Since he apparently did not know that showing his birth certificate would ultimately prove that he met the qualifications, then I have to wonder just how bad of a student Barack Obama was. Obama does have one thing right… “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.“. Open up your records, Mr. President.

Reason 4 could very easily have been a reason to vote for a second term for President Obama, but the handling of the killing of Osama aftermath leaves one scratching their head wondering how the keystone cops in the White House were able to pull it off. Speaking of Osama, a quick kudos to Donald Trump for the assist. Seriously, before Donald Trump came along, Barack Obama couldn’t even find his birth certificate, now he’s finding Osama?

Where to start? Biden’s revealing the identity of the Navy Seal who shot Osama. Panetta disclosing information on how we found out. Or the President who says we’re not going to “Spike the football” because that’s not who the American people are? Seriously, what did this guy during recess? Has he ever spent a Sunday afternoon in front of the television? That is exactly WHO WE ARE! We spike the damn ball after we score. I get it, it’s the first time something has gone right under the Obama administration and it is a pretty big deal, but damn, tone it down a little. We have seen a moment of American greatness turn into a victory lap for President Obama, and that’s utterly disappointing. Which brings me to my next two reasons.

Reason 5, “I won”. The now infamous moment when Barack Obama said to the Republicans “I won”, and said that it was time for the Republicans to sit “at the back of the bus”. This week we heard the President lecture us about “spiking the football” and yet to his fellow Americans (who by the way, won their own elections), that their opinions no longer matter because he won the election. How… Presidential.

Reason 6, He doesn’t want to offend the Muslims. How courteous. No, we won’t release the death picture of Osama Bin Laden, who by the way, “was not a Muslim leader”, because we don’t want to “spike the football” and offend Muslims. Of course releasing 2,000 pictures of supposedly showing Muslims in Guantanamo being abused will not offend Muslims. This coming from the same President who does not think twice whether or not he offends Christians by covering up Christian symbols or saying we are not a Christian nation.

Reason 7 is the war in Libya, which as a supporter of Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m an easy sell. I want to stand by my country, I want to stand by my troops, and yes, I even want to stand by my President. I just need to know why. Why are we bombing in Libya? Is it a humanitarian mission, and if so, why did we doing nothing while Christians in the Ivory Coast get burned alive by Muslims, er, I mean the people from the Religion of Peace. I’d like to know why we ought to help the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya while its member vow to kill us?

Reason 8, It’s the economy, stupid. The latest numbers show unemployment is back over 9% and though I’ve heard President Obama state on numerous occasions that he’s going to focus like a laser on the economy, it seems the only pocket he’s concerned with lining are those of unions and federal government workers. As for the rest of us? I guess we can get a new car to help alleviate the high price of gas… Just one problem Mr. President, we need a damn job in order to get a new car. And with the dramatic drop in oil prices, my gut tells me we are about to see a major decline in our economy.

Reason 9, National Debt. When President Obama took the oath of office, the National Debt was at 10.7 trillion dollars. Today, the national debt is 14.3 trillion dollars. President George W. Bush in eight years added 5 trillion dollars to the national debt. President Barack Obama is on pace to match George Bush’s eight years in only 3 years. At the pace he’s going, the only thing our federal government is going to be able to pay for is the interest on the national debt.

Reason 10, Golf outings and numerous vacations. That’s not actually a complaint, that’s a positive. Unlike many of my friends who complain that Obama is on the golf course again, or that he’s going on vacation again, I’m rather comforted when he’s doing that. I want President Obama on the golf course. I would love to see taxpayer’s dollars paying for a vacation for Obama to Paris, to Chicago, to Moscow, or Berlin. I don’t care. I want President Obama to play golf from sunrise to sunset, in fact, put some lights on the golf course so that he can play all night long. For me, that means President Obama is away from the Oval office, and I’m rather comforted whenever he’s not in the White House. To me, that’s a good thing, and it’s sad that I feel that way about my President.

I could easily have said a lot more about any of these reasons, and as I was writing, I was having to debate many other issues that could have made the cut Such as health care reform, Egypt, Honduras, Israel, Unions, taxes, all important things that simply did not make the cut. Let’s just simplify things and cut Barack Obama out of the White House in 2012.


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