119% Turn Out! You Sure You Want A National Popular Vote?

June 5, 2012

Now you’re wondering, how is that possible? Well according to a far Left-Wing website (Think Progress), it is possible due to Wisconsin’s same day voter registration. Just think, that’s 1 in every 6 voters in Madison, Wisconsin who cared enough about getting Scott Walker out of office to register the same day as the election, they just didn’t care enough to register ahead of time. Hmmm.

But here’s what we as conservatives should do, hypothetically. We could could vote in early voting in our respective states, then go to Wisconsin and then register there on the day of the election. Of course this will only matter if we can get the National Popular Vote to go through. If we can identify every conservative voter across the nation who believes in our Republican candidate so much, we can send them to Wisconsin on election day and double our votes! Then, those states who honor the National Popular Vote will side with us, and their electoral vote will go to our candidates.

Hypothetically, Democrats will never win another national election again! YES! More over, we’ll get rid of that Photo Identification rule, and then we can vote in other people’s names, dead people, cats, dogs, even real live Liberal Democrats.

Of course there is a risk. That risk is that our national elections become such a disaster that our government, which often knows what’s best for us, decides that elections don’t work (like capitalism) and we must do away with that as well. We already have a large number of people who think most voters are stupid so, it should not be that hard to convince them that elections should be obsolete.

Obviously I am using sarcasm here, but really, in a close election, do you really want what should have been a wide margin of victory for a candidate who wins state after state, being overturned because Wisconsin allows the same day voter registration? States do have different rules concerning their elections, and Constitutionally, the Federal government is limited in making universal rules concerning how states manage their elections.

Scott Walker was re-elected, by the way. As for you Paulistinians out there, remember this, and remember how the Wisconsin union boys acted, then think about how you act. Rule 38!


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