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Interview with Wayne Carter – Commissioner of Agriculture Candidate

July 27, 2007

Wayne Carter, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture candidate, spoke to the Pachyderms of Greater Baton Rouge tonight. Afterwards, I caught up with him for a quick interview. Louisiana Conservative: “Wayne, why did you decide to run for Commissioner of Agriculture?” Wayne Carter: “Well I just want to make a difference in government. I think people […]

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Closing Thoughts On Vitter

July 26, 2007

The David Vitter story still continues to be talked about in these parts and we’ve been given plenty of time to think about it. We’ve also been lectured on hypocrisy from some of the world’s largest hypocrites. Think about this, Larry Flynt lectures us about sex, constantly rubbing sex in our noses, but, when was […]

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Electric Bill?

July 21, 2007
Electric Bill?

The Louisiana House District 69 is already a crowded race with 5 Republicans vying for the seat, and possibly more getting in. The early buzz had David Boneno and David Fakouri getting in the race, but neither has given any notice of running. While those two haven’t jumped in yet, Melissa Deshotels, Bill Benedetto, Brian […]

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It”s Official! Bobby Jindal for Governor of Louisiana

July 19, 2007
It”s Official! Bobby Jindal for Governor of Louisiana

  This past Monday Bobby Jindal took a whirlwind trip around the State to officially announce his candidacy for Governor of Louisiana. Starting in Baton Rouge early Monday morning, Bobby then went on to Alexandria, then Monroe, Shreveport, Lake Charles and finishing up in NOLA. [ad#Google Adsense] I attended the Monroe rally to enjoy a […]

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A Petition asking Whittington to Apologize

July 16, 2007

The case for an apology by the Louisiana Democrat Party (Sign the petition here) History of the Louisiana Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan. July 30, 1866: New Orleans’s Democratic government ordered police to raid an integrated GOP meeting, killing 40 people and injuring 150. [ad#Google Adsense] HarpWeek Commentary: Amphitheatrum Johnsonian – Massacre of […]

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Liberals Letting Facts Get Away From Them

July 15, 2007

But then again, that’s nothing new. I’ve been reading this rumor about David Vitter’s supposed “Diaper Fetish”, which has now become accepted biblical fact by the left. Of course, you are all already familiar of my opinion that the Left in this country operate more like a religious cult than a political party. Too often […]

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Whittington Hypocrisy Continues…

July 13, 2007

Chris Whittington’s hypocrisy continues to shape the Louisiana Democrat Party. He said nothing as Sen. Mary Landrieu threatened to punch the President of the United States, which would be an illegal act and hypocritical as a member of a party that purpotes to be about peace. He said nothing to condemn Ted Kennedy, a Senator […]

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Crush on Hillary?

July 12, 2007

I Got a Crush On Hillary? Is anybody else getting as annoyed with Hillary and Obama’s silly spat? I’m mean, it’s not about issues, they’re completely identical on the issues, well, nobody really knows what the issues are with them other than they both hate Bush. Seriously, what’s with these two? [ad#Google Adsense] Here’s what […]

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Interview with Jay Dardenne Part 1

July 11, 2007

Louisiana Conservative: “Secretary Dardenne, what exactly does the Secretary of State do?” [ad#Google Adsense] Jay Dardenne: “Secretary of State is the chief elections officer of the state, so I am responsible for the entire election operation statewide. We have a fairly large staff of professional people who take care of our voting machines and the […]

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Interview with Secretary of State Jay Dardenne (Part II)

July 11, 2007

LC: “You’re getting ready to run for re-election this year, why should the people of Louisiana re-elect you?” [ad#Google Adsense] JD: “I’ve been in office in office since November of 2006, which is a relatively a short period of time. By the time the election rolls around it will be almost one year. It’ll be […]

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