2008 – Greet It With Open Arms

December 28, 2007

I’m so looking forward to 2008. The future is so bright that one can imagine an early spring, less cloudy days, and rain only when it’s needed. 3 days out, I can already hear the new born chicks chirping, crying for the momma to bring them a worm. The trees look greener, the air smells fresher, drivers seem politer, and the world seems more perfect than it’s ever been.
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So why I am I so giddy, so ecstatic, so anxious? Because 2008 is almost here and I don’t really need to state the obvious, but I will anyway… Bobby Jindal is going to be Governor… finally… Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Ya, you know the rest. It’s not that I think Bobby Jindal is going to be a perfect Governor. I know he’s perhaps the most intelligent Governor we’ve ever had, but intelligence doesn’t necessarily translate into good leadership. If Bobby Jindal makes just one decision, he’s already a step up from the current leadership.

It’s just that Kathleen Blanco was so bad as a Governor that if George Bush ran against her in a Louisiana Primary, she’d lose half the Democrat votes to George Bush. She wasn’t a terrible Governor because she was a liberal or that she made bad decisions. She was horrible because she failed to make any decisions. We didn’t elect a Governor, we elected a committee, and every decision she made was made by committees. She failed terribly as Governor not because she tried to hard, but because she didn’t try at all. To prove my point, we can expect to hear from her for the next four years, second guessing Bobby Jindal’s decisions much like that great failure Jimmy Carter does to President Bush.

And she’s good at it. She’s so good at second guessing, that everytime she thought she was making a decision, she’d second guess it, second guess her committees, second guess until it was too late to make any decision.  What she ended up being good at really had little to do with being a good Governor; that is to say, she’s done a fine job of decorating her offices. I’m sure Bobby will be happy with it, and Coach is probably ecstatic that it didn’t come out of his pocketbook. Just to be a little sexist here, I’m most certainly glad she’s out of there before she goes feminine again and decides to redecorate the offices.

It’s not that I don’t believe that a woman can govern well, I do. I do believe that women can do tremendous as leaders, as have been proven time and time again, Joan of Arc for example. But the one chance this state took on electing a woman as Governor ended up setting women back in politics up to fifty years. Don’t blame me, I voted Jindal the first time, you’d be blaming the wrong Blanco.

I’m ecstatic because we’re going into another election year and  John Kennedy is my early favorite. I like this guy, I always did, even when he was a Democrat. Not because I always agreed with him, find somebody that agrees with me 100% of the time, and I’ll show you a political hack; but because I believe he’s been honest with us, and right or wrong, he’s made decisions and stood by those decisions. Especially shortly after Hurricane Katrina and Rita when this state was starving for some homegrown leadership…. and nobody else was providing it. Mitch Landrieu was down in New Orleans taking pictures, but he really didn’t become a leader during the whole ordeal. Even the Gubernatorial candidates didn’t step up and become leaders. Bobby Jindal was up in North Louisiana not campaigning or whatever he wasn’t doing and Walter Boasso was busy Tidying up levee problems. Patch Campbell was probably yelling at somebody to do something, maybe he was busy yelling at Governor Blanco – which would go a long way in explaining why she was so tired that she had to take a nap, and John Georges? Well, I don’t know what he was doing but his campaign might have left us a clue. I think he was trying to get rid of all that water by putting it into plastic bottles… who knows?

But John Kennedy’s bid for the Senate is going to be a blessing to this state because we can finally have a decent Senator, one who won’t embarrass this state. Come to think of it, we might actually need socialized medicine just to cover the cost of health care from all the black eyes that this state keeps getting from the politicians who claim to represent us. They don’t really represent us, we just vote for the one that sucks the least.

But I digress, his opponent thinks we elected her to go to Madison Square Garden, or Caesars Palace and her name is Bambino or Rocky. And why is it embarrassing for Georgia (funny for the rest of us) that Cynthia McKinney punches people in the mouth, but Mary Landrieu threatens to punch the President and it’s funny? Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed that our Senator acted this way. I’m disappointed that when our state most needed leadership, she’s out there encouraging violence and creating division, but then again, she’s a Democrat, can we expect any better behavior from them?

At least she got her name in the papers for it, after all, when you’re trying to stay in office that’s the important thing right? Even if it means ignoring the needs of the people during a time of devastation and destruction.  Go John Kennedy, and please, restore dignity to the Louisiana Senate seats.

And Pinnacle — Blech! Certainly I’m not the only one who’s sick of seeing all the Pinnacle signs everywhere. Vote Yes! Vote Yes! And for what? Another boat that takes money out of the Baton Rouge economy and puts it somewhere else? You know, I don’t even care what Pinnacle’s plans are anymore, I just wish they’d go away. As much money as they spent into billboards and signs all over Baton Rouge, I don’t think they are planning to make just a few dollars. I get the feeling Baton Rouge will make them a fortune and the rest of us gets screwed. Well, except for the higher ups who’s going to get their cut, aka the Edwin Edward contracts. Just to be on the safe side, can somebody make sure he’s still in jail?

2008 also brings us to the Presidential election year, and it’s getting interesting, to say the least. I’m reading an article, I’m guessing it was Susan Estrich but it doesn’t really matter anyway does it? They all say the same thing, “what a strong woman Hillary Clinton is”, and “are the voters too intimidated by a strong woman to vote for one”? They are misreading me because that’s not my sentiments. I don’t care about the gender of a candidate, nor their race, nor anything else, I want to know are they going to be a good leader?

You see, I am not intimidated by Hillary Clinton because I think she’s a strong woman, but rather, because I sincerely believe she’s a weak woman, and indecisive. I believe that she’ll be against the war in Iraq one week, and for it the next. I’m afraid she’ll put our troops in harms way, only to pull them out at the first sign of trouble. I’m afraid that if we have another terrorist attack in the United States, that she won’t be strong enough to lead a war. I’m afraid that she’ll act more like Foxhole Norman Dyke in Band Of Brothers and have us digging in our defenses here on our side of the ocean. For those of you who don’t like the Patriot Act, remember, there were those politicians that didn’t think the Patriot Act went far enough and wanted a National I.D. card. Hillary was one of them, and her husband Bill proposed them in 1993, eight years before the attacks of 9-11. But isn’t she against the Patriot Act… NOW?
I think she is so afraid that the American people can’t do for their selves, that she would have Government making our decisions for us, from National Health care, what we can eat, to what we can drive. I don’t think she will be a strong leader on global warming, that is too say, she doesn’t have the confidence in the American people to live their lives appropriately and will go to extremes in trying to curb the supposed “man caused” global warming. Like the thousands of religious Gaia fanatics, and green profiteers such as Al Gore are already doing, she’ll panic and over react.

And yet when she’s faced with crucial decisions, decisions that are of immediate importance ie dealing with terrorism, she’ll side with caution.  She’s going to be easily manipulated by the kook fringe of her party, unless she thinks they are endangering her re-election bid. Hillary doesn’t scare me because she’s a strong woman, but because she’s almost as weak as a leader as Kathleen Blanco was.

And of course we’re soon to be inundated with hearing about all the Democrat candidates from the myriad of “non-biased” new sources and occasionally we’ll hear about the Republican candidates… especially when they screw up. Here’s a rule of thumb to pay close attention to as you watch the news for the next couple of months.  The lead off story about the primary will always be about the Democrats and will take up the majority of the time allocated to the primaries, unless a Republican screws up, then he becomes the top story. If a Democrat screws up, well he’s not really the lead story, he’s just not going to be the media darling of the week, the Democrat version of the doghouse.  So prepare to hear a lot about about the Democrat candidates, I mean A LOT, and then the Republican candidate screw ups. Of course the media isn’t biased because they don’t have “Foxnews” on their logo…

Another thing I’m looking forward to is the new health laws that people will propose this year. Perhaps now that we’ve done away with smokers, maybe we will pass a law that requires people to spit on them too. But I’m actually hoping that somebody will take on something that’s far more dangerous than somebody smoking within 25 ft of a building. I’m talking about cars that pump in hundreds of thousands (maybe even trillions of trillions) of tons of carbon monoxide into fast food  restaurants through their drive thru windows, that can’t be healthy. After all, if people are too stupid to walk a couple of feet away from somebody smoking a cigarette, how can we expect them to be smart enough to figure out that exhaust fumes from a car are far more dangerous? Whatever happened to mutual respect anyway?

2008, it’s a year that we’ll be moving forward, at least in Louisiana.

Med-Tech Notes.

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GM Roper
GM Roper

Avman, what a delicious post this has been. You are, of course, right on the money regarding Jindal. Here's to a terrific New Year that will bring us to lots of Democrat screwups for us to post about. My choice for President, by the way, is here Happy New Year my friend!

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