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Non-profit slush funds in LA

April 26, 2008

Where is the outrage??? According to this article, 66 non-governmental groups (charities to me) were “earmarked” or “slush funded” to receive our hard earned tax dollars. Something stinks in Louisiana and to the tune of $13,985,227.

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McImpressed & McCheering

April 24, 2008
McImpressed & McCheering

Today I had a wonderful opportunity and I grabbed it. I received an e-mail from the Young Republicans (who obviously aren’t aware I am 40 – lol) that John MCain would hold a Town Hall meeting at Xavier University today in New Orleans. I grabbed it and drove across Lake Pontchartrain after paying too much […]

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Constitutional Rights are Being Given to Illegals

April 24, 2008

At some point over the past couple of decades, the right to not be offended was inserted into our Constitution. And more recently, probably while the populace was distracted by American Idol or the Super Bowl, the rights afforded to legal residents by our Constitution have been extended to illegal aliens. Last year on the […]

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Just Tug It Hard.

April 24, 2008

It seems to me that most people over estimate what it takes to succeed in politics. They believe that to succeed in politics one must be corrupt, willing to strong arm, manipulate, conspire, smoke cigars in back rooms and have a knack for cutting deals. To some extent this is true, but to a much […]

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April 23, 2008

Under both federal and Louisiana state law, prosecutors are given wide ranging immunity for their actions. Louisiana in particular has been a domicile for some of the most troubling examples of blatant prosecutor misconduct. Up until now, there was little recourse for an aggrieved defendant. But all that might change in the coming weeks as […]

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Thoughts about the 2008 Presidential race – a “bitter” sweet Pennsylvania victory for Hillary Clinton

April 22, 2008

Any Presidential nomination battle is an expectations game as well as an endurance game. Victories tend to add to a candidate’s inevitability, while losses tend to dampen enthusiasm and fundraising. Since we last discussed this race in early March, buyers remorse began to set in with the Obama candidacy, while Hillary has doggedly remained in […]

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Obama Lands An Endorsement.

April 17, 2008

Powerline reports that at least one group of bitter people clinging to guns, religion, antipathy to people who aren’t like them and an anti-immigrant sentiment, likes Barak Obama: On Sunday, Aaron Klein and John Batchelor interviewed Ahmed Yousef, chief political adviser to the Prime Minister of Hamas, on WABC radio. The interview produced a scoop […]

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Some Sensible Gun Legislation

April 17, 2008

Eight gun shots directly into the torso and still living, slowly breathing until the owner came home and saw his best friend exhaling his final breaths. Officer Tuscairt (the actual name of the officer is unknown to us at the time of this writing, we are presently trying to acquire Officer Tuscairt’s real name.) shot […]

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April 17, 2008

Obama’s Controversy Presidential Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama found himself in hot water last week over what he perceives to be “bitterness” in small-town America. The criticism came from Republicans, as well as his Democratic opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton. According to his opponents, Obama is both elitist and out of touch by saying that small-town voters […]

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Baton Rouge Conservatives “heads up”

April 16, 2008

My friend Beth from Yeah, Right, Whatever wanted to make sure Louisiana Conservative readers had fair warning about the upcoming Texas invasion. Liberal Texans are planning to invade Baton Rouge this weekend (starting Thursday) and I thought this good a venue as any to get the word out. They are supporting Don Cazayoux and hoping […]

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