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Criminal Complaint Filed Against Mayor Kip Holden

January 30, 2012

In 2008 Louisiana Conservative Dot Com reported the following, “Mayor Holden was caught in a residence having a sexual relation with the lady of the house (NOT HIS WIFE). A Baton Rouge police officer serving as the Mayor’s bodyguard stood watch outside in a city owned vehicle. The man of the house came home unseen […]

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Does It Seem Right To You?

January 28, 2012

I recently read this post on Facebook by a friend of mine, Trey Roberts, explaining what he sees happening within the GOP and the dynamics of the caucus. With his permission, I’m posting it here. So I’m reading, listening, and watching the dynamics of the GOP primary, trying to understand the attacks, the policies, the […]

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Tea Party Endorsement: Good or Bad?

January 27, 2012

As the founder of the Baton Rouge Tea Party and co-founder of the Louisiana Tea Party Federation, I’d like to share my own personal view why I believe tea parties should not endorse candidates. We are all strong and independent thinkers. If we were not, we’d still be sitting on our couches yelling at the […]

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State of the Union???

January 25, 2012

By Leon Puissegur I have to wonder just how many people watched the State of the Union address by Obama? It was a dull and very weird address since he has once again failed to state real facts. Obama said that our nation has only 2 percent of the world’s energy so we Have to […]

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Politics is Meaningless When You’ve Got Nothing To Fight For.

January 25, 2012

I obviously think a lot about Politics. In fact, one could argue that I think about politics too much. But why is it that some people on both sides of the aisle think about politics, while others drift around in oblivion to the world around them. It seems simple why Americans don’t pay attention to […]

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When is enough Enough?

January 8, 2012

After reading numerous articles on the so-called recess appointments we witnessed recently, I could not just let it go as so many others are willing to do. Sooner or later you just have to say no more! I pray the later doesn’t come too late for the many Americans with their eyes wide shut. I […]

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A New Dictator?

January 6, 2012

By Leon Puissegur Now just who is this new Dictator? It could well be the very president of the United States since Obama has taken office, he has circumvented the very Constitution he was sworn to uphold! How can a man elected as President of the greatest nation in the world become a Dictator? It […]

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January 2, 2012

After a year of campaigning, months of speculation about who might jump in, and the rise, fall and bowing out of two serious contenders the Iowa contest is finally upon us. Latest polling has shown a toss-up between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney with Rick Santorum closing in quickly, even surging ahead of Newt Gingrich […]

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