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Racial Tensions Rise!!

March 28, 2012

By Leon Puissegur This will be an article of what is beginning to take shape in our nation as we read this. The recent tragedy down in Florida is very bad indeed, but what is much worse is the actual moving by certain individuals to sort of “stir the pot” of racial tensions in this […]

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Ballot Confusion? An Explanation and My Recommendations.

March 23, 2012
Sen. Rick Santorum at RLC 2011

By Laura O’Halloran TOMORROW is the big day for us Conservatives in Louisiana! We will vote for not only who we want to be our Presidential nominee, but for whom we want to represent us in the Republican Party at state and parish levels. Many of us have expressed such confusion as to what the […]

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A Synopsis of the Evolution of the Presidential Primary

March 23, 2012

Since the Republican Primary has made it to us, I thought it would be interesting in taking a quick look at the evolution of the primary system in America. The primary process first got started in the 1890s under the leadership of Populist, William Jennings Bryan. Many Americans were dismayed over the process by which […]

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What Are You going to vote For in November?

March 19, 2012

By Leon Puissegur What are you going to vote for in November, Freedom and economic growth, or serfdom and total economic collapse? I have to wonder just what people will do when gasoline prices drives ALL other prices up? I remember what Barack Hussein Obama stated when he was Senator setting up for his run […]

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Obama LIES!!!

March 17, 2012

By Leon Puissegur I am going to be very bold here. Obama is a LIAR!! I will stand by that statement no matter how much anyone complains. How can I say that? It is very simple all I have to do is use the President’s own words, OBAMA’S words and I will not smash or […]

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As an American, I speak out. (Part 2)

March 16, 2012

Government Our founders cherished the sovereignty of the individual and feared the concentration of power in a central government. They clearly understood the danger and threat concentrated power would have on individual and State sovereignty. A republican form of democracy with the separation of powers within the federal government and that its powers were few […]

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Open Records Request Sent to BR Police Chief, City Council

March 12, 2012

Mayor Kip Holden’s problems continue to get worse as the attorney’s for John Pierce and Darrell Glasper sent an FOIA request to Baton Rouge Police Chief and noted that “for the Inspector General’s office to become involved, they MUST be INVITED by the Baton Rouge Metro Council”. 12 March 12 Public Download Directions to Public […]

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Rally and Straw Poll!

March 12, 2012

By Leon Puissegur Saturday, March 10, 2012, I attended a Rally given by the North Shore Tea Party so the Representatives of the Republican Presidential Candidates. I approached each Representative of the Candidates with the exception of one, that being the representative for Mitt Romney. I had tried to offer Mitt Romney’s Campaign Headquarters a […]

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Rally and Straw Poll!

March 10, 2012

By Leon Puissegur Today I went to a rally held by the Northshore Tea Party. I worked with this very good group of people before and found it very nice to be back with them, although today I was there just to interview the representatvies of the Presidential candidates. I sat down early this morning […]

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Open Letter to Mayor Kip Holden – A Commentary

March 8, 2012
Mayor Kip Holden

Mayor Kip Holden testifying with injuries on his face (after walking into a “wall”)   Dear Mayor Holden, I’ve watched the video of your testimony on May 22, 2007 a few times and I want to know, how did you bloody your lip and get a black eye from walking into a wall? You see, […]

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