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So Complicated, You Really Have To Be Stupid To Understand It

February 23, 2013
So Complicated, You Really Have To Be Stupid To Understand It

Bear with me as I’m going to attempt to enter the Liberal mindset. I’m not a liberal, I’ve got too much common sense for that. Still, I’m going to dare into the abyss of lowering my I.Q. to below zero. Many people have delved into Liberalism and simply have never recovered, so I ask for […]

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When “so-called” Conservative media outlets become devisive and derogatory, we ALL lose.

February 20, 2013
Stand up

by Mark Parham   When you believe in something and have an opinion on it, you have the right to voice that opinion, whether right or wrong, without being derided or ridiculed by someone that is known to be overly opinionated themselves. We already have to deal with the Democrats doing everything in their power […]

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Is weapons confiscation really a threat in the USA?

February 1, 2013
Bill of Rights

by Mark Parham Disclaimer: This article is the views of the author and not necessarily that of Louisiana Conservative Someone recently made the comment: “So when the government collects all these guns, where do you suppose they will go? I’ll bet you they wind up on the streets into the hands of criminals and illegals. […]

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