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What’s Wrong with Senator Mary Landrieu?

April 30, 2014

By Leon Puissegur Senator Mary Landrieu is now presenting ideas that just do not make sense especially when one considers what her “JAZZ PAC” does.  Senator Landrieu says she is for the right to bear arms, but has voted For the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would have forced registration of all weapons large […]

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Bundy Ranch Louisiana

April 15, 2014
Bundy Ranch Louisiana

Have you been to a grocery store lately and feel like you’re getting gouged? Have you seen the price of chicken, pork, and beef? You would think our government would be concerned with the impact of rising food prices on families budgets. Not that I want our government to give special treatment to cattle ranchers, […]

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Paul Dietzel for Louisiana 6th Congressional

April 1, 2014
Paul Dietzel for Louisiana 6th Congressional

We visited with Paul Dietzel for a few minutes as we did with a few of the other candidates. While we are not endorsing any candidate in this race at this time, we do want to help our readers cut out candidates that’s probably not worth considering. We are not doing interviews with third world […]

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