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America’s Holiest Day

May 25, 2014
America’s Holiest Day

By Mark J Landry The American calendar is full of days to honor different aspects of the American institution. We have: a day to honor presidents; a day to honor a man that open the nation’s eyes to civil rights; a day to honor the flag; a day to honor those who labor; a day […]

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The Job Should Be Pretty Easy

May 20, 2014
The Job Should Be Pretty Easy

I was struck by a Politico poll that just came out, and want to share some of my thoughts with you. The poll paints a dismal picture for Democrats in the upcoming midterm election, and should illuminate the strategy for Republicans. Sadly, the Republican party is not united in the obvious conclusions contained in the […]

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Mary Buys Support –Bollinger

May 16, 2014
Mary Buys Support –Bollinger

        By Mark J. Landry In the latest “Mary Landrieu approved message” entitled “Ship Builder,” Boysie Bollinger declares, “he is with Mary.” Bollinger –former chairman of the state Republican Party– states Landrieu’s chairmanship on the Senate Energy Committee, and the advances as the chairmen, as his reasons for his support for Landrieu. Unfortunately, the […]

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Senator Landrieu Does it Yet Again!!!

May 12, 2014

By   Leon Puissegur   What does Senator Landrieu do just one more time?  Is it that she votes for the people of Louisiana or is it that she votes for her master, Obama?  Does Senator Mary Landrieu even care about the people of Louisiana?  Should the people of Louisiana ever allow her to get […]

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Obama’s Hail Mary To Landrieu – Keystone

May 5, 2014
Obama’s Hail Mary To Landrieu – Keystone

  By. Mark J. Landry   One constant of the Obama Administration is its continued delay of the Keystone XL pipeline. While the pipeline’s initial construction would create tens-of-thousands of “shovel ready” jobs –then create tens-of-thousands more oil refining jobs along the Gulf Coast upon completion– the total project would be an economic windfall for […]

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