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Senator Landrieu Messes Up Yet Again!!

June 19, 2014

By   Leon Puissegur   Senator Mary Landrieu wants people to like her and have them vote for her, but Landrieu is actually not doing right at all!  She lays claim to be on board with her being the head of the energy committee yet she sends money to Harry Reid, in the amount of […]

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Liberal PAC’s Attack Cassidy

June 17, 2014
Liberal PAC’s Attack Cassidy

By Mark J Landry The people of Louisiana are turning on the radios and televisions to hear [see] the latest attacks on Bill Cassidy. The latest ads –one a television buy-in and the other a radio buy-in– paints Cassidy as a Obamacare supporter who wrote a Bill –while in the Louisiana State Senate– which was […]

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Mary Buys Support –Bollinger (Rewrite)

June 3, 2014

Since Boysie Bollinger –CEO of Bollinger Ship Yards Inc. and former chairman of the state Republican Party– began his support for Mary Landrieu in 2008, both he and Bollinger Shipyards have benefited in a huge economic windfall. Bollinger stands to make tens-of-millions of dollars in tax-payer funded contacts thanks to his support of Landrieu. In […]

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