History’s Last Gasp

November 24, 2007

There’s an old quote that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and that came to mind when I read this article in which Vanity Fair Magazine is being sued because they did an interview with a far Left-winger.

An interview with one of Germany’s most notorious neo-Nazis has landed Vanity Fair magazine in a heap of trouble.
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Arno Lustiger, a Jewish historian and Holocaust survivor, has started proceedings to sue the magazine’s German edition for publishing an interview with Horst Mahler, the former left-wing extremist who transformed into one of Germany’s most rabid neo-Nazi public figures. The interview appeared in the Nov. 1 print and online editions.

I know like the rest of you that the Nazi reign of terror was a bad thing, not just for the Jewish people, but for the entire world, but that doesn’t mean that we can not be allowed to talk to them. I’m certain that it was a bad experience for Arno Lustiger as well, but what’s done is done and he’s not doing the rest of us any favors by trying to silence magazines from informing the public. Shouldn’t we all be able to learn how the Nazi regime was able to invade the mindset so that we don’t repeat history?

This may be only in Germany, at least now, for the time being, but when will this mindset come to America? You know it’s only a matter of time where people will try to silence people who they disagree with. When they can’t win the argument in front of the American people, they quickly run to the courts. Make no mistake, like all the rest of our freedoms that we enjoy, freedom of the press is about to become available only to those who are deemed responsible by certain politicians.

If Lustiger is successful in his lawsuit, how many Liberals will come out of the censorship closets and into the courtrooms?

We already see the Lustiger’s in America who are so bent on rewriting history, rather erasing history, that they’ve left society in a perfect position to repeat it. We have Americans now who throw the term “Nazi” around without having any understanding of what it actually meant to be a Nazi. If they did their research, they’d probably be shocked to learn they have a lot more in common with Nazis than they think they do. We proclaim our love of the constitution, but if we’re lucky we’ll find somebody who carries it around in their back pocket and even then they don’t read it.

History is important, not just the dates and events, but the who and why it happens. People are still people and our destiny will be no different than our ancestors. We have people who demand that white people ought to held accountable for the actions of their ancestors who held slaves, but where is the demand of gratitude from the descendants of white people who freed slaves? Yes it was a terrible thing that white people had slaves, but wasn’t it a great thing that some white people stood up and demanded an end to slavery?

Lustiger’s lawsuit against Vanity Fair isn’t just another burial of human history, it’s the revival of it, a revival that his good intentions helped.


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