5 Things You Need To Know Today.

March 29, 2008

I would like to take a few minutes to make some suggestions to you liberals today before you cut out the lights.

1. Move you’re furniture around so that it’s more ecologically friendly. It may not do any good, but at least you can say you moved your furniture around because you care.

2. Remove all light bulbs from their sockets to show how much you care. This will also prevent you from accidentally turning on the lights before 9 pm.

3. Remove the lighs from your television, this way you can still watch television without turning on any lights.

4. If you are a liberal blogger, delete your website so that you won’t be contributing to people using their electricity during the black out. It’s important to do if you really, really care.

5. Don’t take your weekly bath, that’s cheating. You are supposed to use this hour for sacrifice and choosing this hour to bathe is still contributing to the destruction of the environment.

Now I personally don’t care whether or not you do these things or not, but I know how much you Liberals hate hypocrisy so I’m doing my part to help you folks quit being so hypocritical on everything else.

Instead of turning out your lights for an hour tonight, I’d suggest something more effective. Watch 10 minutes less each day of CNN, in just six days, you’ll save over an hour of electricity and your mind won’t be so warped.

I’m just doing my part because I care more than you do.


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