5 Ways Liberals Annoy Me

June 6, 2013

Liberals annoy me. Not because they share a different opinion than I do, but because of the way they do it. Here is my list of 5 ways Liberals annoy me.

Fluke1. Double Think – It’s amazing to me how liberals can insist two completely different things can both be true. For example, they will insist that kids are going to do whatever they want when it comes to sex and won’t listen to adults, but kids will listen to adults and wear a condom because they are told to. I never did understand the rationale that children won’t listen to adults and have sex anyway, but suddenly they are going to listen because they are told to use a condom? They want government out of their “bedroom” but then, well, just come into my bedroom to give me free condoms.

It’s their body, their choice when we are talking about abortion, but it’s not your body your choice when it comes to seat belts, helmets, trans fat, salt, soda pop, and McDonald’s. It’s amazing and even more annoying that they talk about freedom in a way that only certain acts should be an individual choice while so many other actions should be limited by government.

expert2. Their overuse of qualifiers to make their selves experts – My God, does every liberal have to use some qualifier to show how right he is? You talk about war, and suddenly the liberal is a veteran. If it’s not war, he’s got a “College degree” or better yet, he’s a member of MENSA. I am going to make this promise to myself, some day I am going to go through the MENSA program just to see what exactly it takes to become a member of MENSA. I mean, it’s got to be harder to get into kindergarten than it is MENSA.

Quite frankly, these qualifiers don’t necessarily prove anything. Forrest Gump served in the military, I wouldn’t exactly take his advice on war over General Patton. A College Degree? In what? Home economics? Doesn’t exactly make you an expert on National Debt and Federal Deficits, does it?

3 . Their uncanny ability to make things up. – Not to be confused with the overuse of qualifiers, but is often used along with it. For example, saying you served in the military as a qualifier, but then saying you served when you never actually did is simply making things up.  Bill Richardson made the claim he played professional baseball, but he never did. During the Obamacare debate, I met more doctors and medical professionals than I ever did in my entire life, and magically every single one of these “Doctors” and “Medical professionals” all supported Obamacare, even though the majority of health care providers were opposed. It amazes me that they can make claims about the Constitution that goes to show they have never read it, and yet somehow insist they know it inside and out. Usually when Liberals make things up, they do so as qualifiers. If you listen close and know your facts, you can usually tell when they are lying using that uncanny ability to make things up

pissofright4.  Their joy of offending and of being offended. – A popular bumper sticker on the Left simply said “Doing my part to piss of the Religious Right”. That they took pride in offending people who they disagreed with religiously and politically. They put a crucifix in a jar of urine and call it art,  or defecate on a burning American Flag and call that freedom of speech. At the same time, they will become overly offended because somebody said “Merry Christmas” or “Christ is King”, or worry that the Ten Commandments might offend somebody. It’s as if they look for ways to offend people, like they enjoy “Shock value”, but become the most sensitive people on the planet over the littlest things. They take pride in who they are until you say what they are. It’s like a girl claiming to be, for lack of a better word, “a bitch” and my how she is proud to tell everybody she is so… but then you call her one and oh my, how you dare say such a thing? I never understood that. I never understoond “Gay Pride” but don’t say “Gay”. If I was gay and you called me gay, I’d say, “Where are my knee pads?” How can you be proud of what you are and yet so offended when told you are what you claimed to be proud of?

5. The way Liberals are stuck in the 1950’s – For you liberals who have made it this far, let me welcome you to 2013. There have been some changes since the 1950’s. It’s okay for white guys to date black girls now. It’s okay for a black kid and a white kid to be best friends, and oh, by the way, nobody gives a damn about a person’s race anymore. Yes there are a few stragglers holding on to the glory days of when racism was king. Yes, there are a few people that still look at the color of skin and automatically make judgements… we call them Liberal Democrats. They assume that a person who is a minority is a Democrat. They assume that minorities can be bought with a welfare check, and they assume that minorities are inferior and always need some special assistance. Recently the assumption was, minorities don’t know how to use a photo ID.  For the rest of us caught up in 2013, we know minorities are capable of using ID. You need one to purchase a car, to buy a home, to buy insurance, to open a bank account, to buy tobacco and alcohol, of course minorities know how to use an ID in order to vote. What, do you think color of skin limits a person’s ability to gain knowledge? Oh, how we would have been better off keeping the 57′ Chevy around instead of that 1950’s train of thought.

So, how do Liberals annoy you?


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