Do As They Say, Not As They Do!

May 29, 2008

Moderation, the word used by the main stream media to describe liberal Democrats. Think about it, how many times have you heard the press talk about extreme right wing Christian Republicans? And when was the last time you heard the main stream media talk about any Democrat as an extreme left wing Socialist Democrat? Or use the term Liberal? Or Progressive? No, they are always moderate.

Take for example Don “Couillon” Cazayoux, a supposed conservative by his own campaign’s admission, now suddenly is a “moderate” Democrat by the MSM. Either the MSM is too stupid to realize Don Cazayoux is really a conservative, or they kept their mouth shut about who Don “Couillon” Cazayoux really was while he ran around campaigning on a bunch of lies… I’m willing to bet it was the latter. Isn’t the same true about Charlie Melancon?

But what really is on my mind is Mary Landrieu, the Louisiana Senator who single handedly kept the Death Tax around. Keep in mind that if you are planning to die in the near future, do your family a favor and wait until 2010. According to our Democrat controlled congress, any death after 2010 should be punished with the death tax. On December 31, 2010, the death tax repeal expires unless Congress passes permanent repeal legislation. Unfortunately our “moderates” in Congress have failed to pass such legislation to permanently end the Federal Death Tax. Oh, they had their opportunities, such as HR 8 which passed the House and was sent over to the Senate where Senator Mary Landrieu had given her word on at least three separate occasions that she would vote to permanently end the death tax. That vote was to take place on June 8th, 2008.

Then along comes Mary, our “moderate” Senator who turned her back on Louisiana families and businesses to side with her liberal colleagues in the Senate. Not only does she break her word, she convinces enough Senators in congress to switch their votes as well, turning a guaranteed passage of the permanent repeal of the death tax into government profiting off of death.

Does Mary Landrieu care if your going to Heaven or Hell? No ladies and gentlemen, what Mary Landrieu cares about is how to pry your cold dead fingers off of your wallet. It’s not enough that they are unwilling to put a moratorium on the gas tax, giving truck drivers a much needed break on the cost of operating their businesses and in turning helping you, Mr. average Joe consumer when your at the grocery store having to help pickup the tab with higher prices in order to keep these truck drivers in business. They won’t let you keep a single red cent of your hard earned money that they take from you in taxes while you are living, you would think they would at least have a little courtesy and leave you alone when your dead.

Mary Landrieu doesn’t even lead by example. If Mary Landrieu thinks that government is so important that we have to pay for it even after we are too busy taking a dirt nap to utilize any of the government services, then why doesn’t she then give all of her property over to the government now. And I’m not talking about what she has left over after she’s hidden it away in the names of her family members or behind estates. I’m talking about her property, all of it. If the American families don’t need to keep as much as possible after we pass away, then why should Mary Landrieu’s family have any inheritance? She did, after all, get much of her wealth while her and her family “served the people” in government, right? If anybody should be giving back to Government after death, it’s those who benefited the most from Government, not the average working Joe. I’m talking about people who received large salaries, ie Senators and Congressman. If the rest of us have to pay after we’re dead, then each one of these people who “serve the people” ought to return their salaries back to the Government, especially since they ran up a deficit and sticking future generations with the bill.

It’s just disturbing that our Senator Landrieu doesn’t even have the common courtesy to leave your family in peace when death occurs… Well maybe she’ll leave your family in peace. She might just go dig up the grave and take the money she thinks you owe the Government for dying. What kind of “moderate” thinks Government should get their piece of the pie before the family gets their inheritance anyway?

Come to think of it, if Global Warming is so imminent, if it’s such a pressing need that we have to deal with it today, and it’s man caused, why then doesn’t our government take much more drastic measures to do their part? Why don’t they turn off the air conditioners in the halls of Congress? Why don’t they keep the heater off and wear coats during the winter instead? Why not have all these government agencies do this instead? As big as Government is today, just having all Federal Government offices use only essential energy could make a tremendous difference in our supposed environmental problems.

Shouldn’t all Representatives and Senators be required to drive only vehicles that are getting 40 or 50 miles per gallon? If they are so interested in our problems with energy, why not carpool or ride the public bus? If it’s supposed to be good enough for the public, then shouldn’t it also be good enough for our public servants?

If climate change is such a pressing matter, and they keep telling us it is, then they need to lead by example, they need to make the changes in our Government offices. Why should they relax in comfort while they preach to us about making all these sacrifices, often stupid, senseless, and inconvenient sacrifices.

This is supposed to be the United States of America, the land of the free, where the leaders lead by example and serve only by the will of the people. This is supposed to be the home of the brave, where courage prevails whenever we have a problem, instead we choose to panic over every little problem that happens, even with problems that might happen. This is supposed to be the land where the consumer is always right, where the consumer is king, instead we’d rather assume the consumer is guilty and find ways to punish him for consuming.

While they preach to us about the environment, let’s just see how many of them campaign in Smart cars instead of SUV’s… and let’s see if Mary Landrieu makes any announcements that upon her death, the Federal Government can have her property, savings accounts, or anything else she might have of monetary value… Something in my gut tells me, we won’t see much of either coming from these folks… they just expect John Q. Public to owe it to them for taking care of us. Funny thing, I’d rather trust Mighty Mouse to save the day than to have our Congressmen and Women “take care of” me.

GM Roper
GM Roper

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