The Republican Party of Louisiana – State Central Committee

June 8, 2008

I attended the State Central Committee meeting Saturday in Baton Rouge and was very pleased to renew many of the contacts I made during the recent political campaigns. Along with Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Mike Walsworth, Senator Bob Kostelka and Representative Kay Katz, I have been very fortunate to meet some very inspirational and very dedicated individuals that care a great deal for our State and our country, and are working very hard to reshape both away from the hurtful distortions made by too many years of liberal politics. Deserving particular mention from me is Daniel Edwards, Royal Alexander, Brian McNabb, Charlie Davis, and Jason Dore.
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State Treasurer John Kennedy gave an excellent speech outlining his campaign for the U.S. Senate. John Kennedy is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE with TRADITIONAL VALUES. John’s political views are for less government in our lives, protecting the sanctity of life, providing a better education for our children, protecting healthcare from incompetent government bureaucrats, and not only stopping wasteful “earmark” spending, but giving taxpayers THEIR money back.


Mary Landrieu’s political views are EXACTLY the OPPOSITE. There is no question of this and her support of the most liberal Democrat in the entire U.S. Senate to be President speaks well to her choice of “party first power mongering” over the true needs of Louisiana.


In my opinion, there is not a more important political race going on today for Louisiana than this Senate race, even more important than the Presidential race. If there is any one political race that can improve the dismal voter turnout rate in the State of Louisiana, I believe this is it. Unfortunately, this improvement in voter turnout will be a double-edged sword.


The Landrieu “machine” is going to benefit greatly from the Barrack Hussein Obama Presidential campaign. Despite the fact that Obama is far more liberal than “Katrina” Mary, and light years more liberal than the majority of Louisiana voters, it is certain that Obama will get the full support of Louisiana’s senior Senator. Nothing could be a bigger slap in the face for Louisiana voters.


I believe we can expect a regular assault by Obama and Landrieu as they both seek political offices that neither is competent to hold, nor deserve to have. One of the most astonishing similarities of the Obama and Landrieu campaigns will be the amount of support they BOTH will get from OUTSIDE of Louisiana.


It is certain that the Republican Party of Louisiana has there work cutout for them in this U.S. Senate race, but with the powerfully positive, clearly conservative, and energetic efforts made by a PROVEN LEADER, State Treasurer John Kennedy, along with the additional leadership of the State Central Committee, I believe we can move Louisiana forward.


In other business, I was pleased to hear the call for unity in the Republican Party to reacquire the long held 6th Congressional District. Hopefully, Ms. Calongne was listening to herself and realizes how important an early consolidation will be to loosen the over boastful grip of the Democrats. The speech by Woody Jenkins made it clear for me that he remains the best choice for this position.


In the 4th Congressional race, it was unfortunate that Dr. John Fleming was not available to speak, but I am certain efforts will be made to correct that at the next meeting. Chris Gorman gave a great speech outlining his campaign and was very successful in energizing the audience.

Last, but hopefully not least, there were a few empty slots filled on the State Central Committee. My good friend Ruth Ulrich, National Republican Party Committeewoman-elect, nominated me to fill the position representing Union Parish. I gratefully accepted and I am now a member of the State Central Committee for the Republican Party of Louisiana.

May, God, protect us all.


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