Obama’s Health Care Forum/ A Statewide Tea Party Movement?

July 21, 2009

When we at Louisiana Conservative broke the story that Obama’s administration was coming to Reserve, Louisiana to pitch their health care, little did any of us expect it to turn into the event that it did. About 11:00 am this morning, we received a report that the lines were out the door, and the overall consensus of the crowd was that Obama’s plan was in disfavor. Reports we received was that nearly 3/4 of the crowd was clearly against Obama’s Health Care Plan. Of course the A.P. story gives a somewhat different impression than the one we received from readers of Louisiana Conservative, there were still some juicy lines to report on, as noted by CNBC:

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Some of the audience members in Reserve wore T-shirts that read, “Hands Off My Health Care,” and the loudest cheers were reserved for people who criticized the Obama administration’s health care plans.

“Please carry a message to Mr. Obama that it will be a cold day in hell before he socializes my county,” one man shouted at the cabinet members, who didn’t respond.

Emile Hotard, 86, a retired Navy veteran from Reserve, told Sebelius he hopes the administration’s health reforms stop short of “something that is universal.”

“I see people from Canada every year when I go to Florida, and they’re not too sure that the health care they have is good. So why will ours in the United States be better?” he asked.

In fact, watching this video (Video available at end of post) at and seeing the crowd’s reaction gives you a much different sense of what happened, also note that this wasn’t too far from New Orleans (Acorn’s home base) and a couple of people there had ACORN shirts on. Despite the attempt to stack the deck, many people were staunchly opposed to Obama’s Health Care plan.

Baton Rouge Tea Party Has Chosen To Not Associate, Nor Affiliate Itself With Tea Party of Louisiana.

While searching the internet for stories on Obama’s Not So Secret, Secret Town Hall Meeting, I came across this story, which I found rather disturbing. From the story:

The call for a road trip to the town hall-style meeting went out over the weekend to members of the Acadiana Tea Party, a conservative group confederated with the Tea Party of Louisiana and similar conspiracy-minded organizations nationwide suspicious of Obama’s plans for health care reform, environmental policy and a host of other initiatives. See the telling video, “The Obama Deception,” at TPL’s Web site, wherein President John F. Kennedy is identified as the last true American president — subsequent commanders-in-chief are characterized as members of a Wall Street illuminati — and Obama’s rise to power is likened to that of Adolf Hitler.

Although I find it disturbing, I’d rather hope that Walter Pierce would be interested in clarifying that that Acadiana Tea Party is not affiliated with “Tea Party of Louisiana”. As a matter of fact, Baton Rouge Tea Party had just voted not to work with the so-called “Tea Party of Louisiana” as has many other tea party organizations across the state. Certainly Mr. Walter Pierce wouldn’t accuse these other organizations of being conspiracy theorist, would he? Now don’t get me wrong Mr. Pierce, just because I support their right to believe in 9-11 truth, chemtrails, Bilderbergers, Jewish Bankers, or that Reagan is equal to Obama, or whatever they chose to believe, doesn’t mean that I believe it nor does it mean that most members of tea parties across the state or nation believe it either. We just simply support their freedom to believe as they wish.

However, just to clarify, the Baton Rouge Tea Party has chosen to not continue down a path with these individuals who insist that they are the center of a statewide movement as if they are the sole saviors of the United States, combating evil like Batmen, and only their solution is the right solution. Had Mr. Pierce done his research, rather than combining the Louisiana Tea Party movement under the umbrella of a self righteous conspiracy group known as Tea Party of Louisiana, he would know that the overwhelming majority of original Tea Party organizers are leaning towards a Federation of Tea Parties which acknowledges the autonomy of each Tea Party, and would provide help to the Parties across the state as it is needed.

He would also know that this is in accordance with the original discussion of a statewide Tea Party organization, not the one in which Tea Party of Louisiana would have you believe is the central organization. So please, Mr. Walter Pierce, please get your facts straight… the Tea Party of Louisiana is not, and will not represent the majority of Tea Parties across the state. If you don’t believe me, call the organizers around the state, they are not on board with Tea Party of Louisiana.


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