April 11, 2007

With a commanding lead in the race for Governor, Congressman Bobby Jindal will once again be a target of his desperate opponents.


Much like Kathleen Blanco did in the last Governor election, it would seem Mr. John Georges is capable, as well, of putting out disinformation about the best candidate in the race. Given the degree of secrecy in this poll, it would clearly indicate that Georges is as desperate as the Democrat leadership to find a way to penetrate the impeccable armor of Bobby Jindal

Now, in a failed attempt to look objective, Gannett has issued a follow-up to aforementioned article, that actually shows that the poll picks Bobby Jindal as the winner of the race for Governor.

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This time around, things will be different. As covered in an upcoming exclusive interview with Bobby Jindal, to be published on The Louisiana Conservative website, the Congressman’s attempts to cleanup the election process in the last Governor’s race were admiral, but got no participation from our now sitting Governor who was willing to stoop as low as necessary to steal the election. Her lack of morals is only surpassed by her abundance of ineptness to run this State. 

So is Mr. Georges now ready to show the State that he, too, is willing to lower himself to the depths reached by Blanco? With the assistance of the Democrat mouthpiece, Gannett News (?) Service, it would seem so.



With striking resemblance to the hopeless campaign of Mr. Boasso, Mr. Georges will find little support across this state and for the same reasons Mr. Boasso suffers. Most people in this state do not want another Governor shortsighted by their loyalties to New Orleans, and the voters are not likely to risk greater neglect to the rest of the state, as has been suffered for decades due the self-serving, Acadiana politicians that have served far too long in the State Legislature, like John Alario.




Bobby Jindal offers something new to Louisiana Politics. Bobby Jindal offers up a genuine love for his lifelong state (unlike that of John Breaux) and genuine desire to help the ENTIRE state, not just that below I-10.




In recent visits to North Louisiana, just another of many, Bobby Jindal gathered record numbers of residents at meetings in the most neglected parts of this State. With individual attention, Bobby listened to the concerns of educators, businessmen, and respected public officials and presented a well-received plan that will serve to turnaround the dire circumstances of this forgotten region. More importantly, Bobby gave special attention to the average voter and assured them that no longer would their voice be ignored in State policy.




And, when Bobby was asked if he would again allow his opponents to go unchallenged when they immorally ravage his character as did Kathleen Blanco, the Congressman was quick to answer, “No, we have learned our lesson there.” Mr. Georges would be well-served to take note of this.



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