A Bone to Pick With Dr. Dobson

April 21, 2007

Senator Barry Goldwater had a rather contentious relationship with the religious right. The senator from Arizona reflected the Republican Party’s “libertarian” wing, and feared the Republican party being turned into a kind of “religious organization.” When President Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court, the Rev. Jerry Falwell went nuts. He questioned her commitment to the pro-life cause, and said that “every good Christian should be concerned.”
Senator Goldwater responded by saying “every good Christian should line up to kick Jerry Falwell’s ass.”

And today, I say that every good Christian should line up to kick Dr. James Dobson’s ***, and I request first place in line! Why, you ask? Well, Mr. Dobson is a social conservative, who has gone on record as saying that the G.O.P.’s ONLY solidly pro-life candidate “isn’t a Christian.”


In a recent article in Human Events, Bob Novak reports the following:

Thompson showed up at the annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington April 13 after Christian conservative James Dobson on March 28 said of Thompson: “I don’t think he’s a Christian.” Thompson is a member of the Church of Christ.

So Thompson is a member of the Church of Christ, eh? Well, I know that the name of a church only reveals so much… but with a name like “Church of Christ,” I’m guessing that the worshipers don’t pray to Allah or some pagan idol. Or maybe God told Dobson that Thompson wasn’t a Christian.

I’m a Christian, but apparently I wasn’t given Dobson’s gift of insight. Oh well.


Good article, Chad.


Think about what you just wrote. You talked about "being a genuine Christian, as defined by the Christ." And I'm talking about being a genuine Christian as defined by Christ, not by Dr. James Dobson. There are two people who know whether Fred Thompson is a genuine Christian, and they are A. Fred Thompson B. Jesus Christ. I don't know, and neither does Dr. James Dobson.

Bill B
Bill B

In reply to your statement. First, be careful what you read. I've found that much of it just is not true. I am not familiar with Mr. Thompson but maybe what Dr. Dobson was describing was the difference between "being a genuine Christian" versus being a "member of a church denomination", such as the Church of Christ, Southern Baptis, American Baptist, Catholic or Pentecostal. One can be a member of most any local "church" and yet not be a member of the "Body of Christ", i.e. being a genuine Christian, as defined by the Christ, not by me, which would not count. Being a Christian means having accepted that Jesus the Christ is Lord (Master) of your life and beleiving that it was His payment for sins that saves me from death in Hell, should I choose to completely beleive in Him, and not my own good behavior. The Scripture is quite clear when it says "by works shall no man be saved" ("works" are good deeds). Being a member of a denomination does not make a man a true Christian and more than being in my garage makes me an automobile. I'm not sure what Dr. Dobson meant but this may be it. Bill B

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