A Chance For Bobby Jindal

May 7, 2008

I have to admit that I’ve been rather disappointed in the new Governor of Louisiana. As a Republican, I’m grateful that he won and that we have high hopes for Jindal, in fact, I would like to see him run as President someday… maybe. Before I’m a Republican, I’m a conservative. Unlike many of my more liberal friends, I understand why I believe as I do.

I voted for Jindal under the premise that he was a conservative, and that he would do the things that conservatives would love, such as less government intrusion into our lives and less taxes. I understand that there’s no perfect candidate and there are times when politics comes into play, but Governor Jindal has not lived up to my expectations thus far.

When Governor Kathleen Blanco was governor, she wanted to bust the budget and thankfully the Republicans stood in the way, but when Governor Jindal wanted to increase the spending cap, Legislative Republicans spines became softer than cream cheese. Governor Jindal hasn’t really pushed any new tax cuts, became spend happy, and he seems to be following more in the footsteps of Blanco-Foster than holding on to more conservative values.

Chris Ingram has called to my attention SB87, a bill that would end the State Income Tax in Louisiana, a bill that could solidify Bobby Jindal as a top candidate for President in 2012 or 2016, or end his Presidential aspirations.

Former Governor of Colorado, Bill Owens, also was once considered a rising star with high hopes of a Presidential bid, but when Bill Owens raised some taxes in accordance with the wishes of the Democrat legislature, that hope died very quickly. I’d hate to see Bobby Jindal end his career like Bill Owens did, or worse, be a one termer like former President Bush after compromising conservative values with the Democrats.

You see, I understand why I’m for lower taxes, I’m for lowering taxes because it’s the duty of the government not to interfere with the financial health of families; that if a government must tax, do so as to not interfere with a person’s ability to earn a living.

Second, when people have more money, they will spend it, and each dollar spent multiplies itself. A capitalist society, unlike a socialist society, is not a zero sum game. That the more wealth is made, the more the general public benefits, wealth begets wealth. On the otherhand, the more poor you make people, the more that poverty spreads.

But let’s pretend that our economy is a zero sum game, that there’s a limit a person can make before his earnings deny poor people from making a living, it’s not, but let’s assume that’s true. Wouldn’t that then mean the more Government takes away from people, the less there is to benefit the poor and middle class?

Third, with the ability to tax comes a great power, the power to intrude one of the most intimate aspects of our lives- our finances. I know you sex starved liberals out there are thinking when I said intimate, but in reality, our finances are no less personal. No hard working man struggling from day to day to provide for his family wants to talk about his financial struggles. It’s not polite to know what other people at work make, and when a friend is in need, you give quietly, without telling anybody.

We claim we want the government to stay out of our bedrooms, but we allow them to know all they want to know about our personal finances?

SB87 would take great strides to return freedom to the Louisiana public, revitalize our economy (which, by the way, would be a lot more effective than the state, local, and federal government did since Hurricane Katrina first hit.), and help families achieve financial health.

This is Governor Jindal’s chance to really take the bull by the horns in the state, lead on a strong conservative issue, and give us in Louisiana a reason to want to see him become President of the United States. I encourage Governor Jindal to call on the House to put this bill on his desk as is and sign it.

For rcying out Governor, be conservative once in a while.


I don't think there will be any trouble with him signing SB 87, he's already claiming credit for it though he fought like hell to kill it early on. I guess that's his version of leadership-take credit for it after losing in efforts to kill something that will benefit citizens. Unlike SB 672 to proviode obscene pay raises to legislators, the leges in their wisdom have delayed implementation of the tax break till 2009. They are here to help us...


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