A Chill Up The Spine

January 15, 2010

There is many things to be concerned about with the Obamacare being proposed in Washington, and that our own Senator Mary Landrieu voted for despite the vast majority of her constituents being against it, but now there is something else to be concerned about, something that every government employee should be concerned about, every Democrat should be concerned about, and every religious person should be concerned about. I’m talking about Martha Coakley’s comment that “Catholics probably shouldn’t work in an emergency room”.

Democrats should be concerned about it because it puts their little project at risks, but more importantly, it should send a chill up the spine of the average Democrat voter. I don’t believe that the average Democrat voter is a liberal who hates religion, but that they tend to be more Left than Right, just as most Republican voters are more conservative in their views, but most occassionally have a leftist belief. It really matters issue to issue. There are a lot of Democrats out there that want their doctor to be qualified and could care less what his religious beliefs are. There are Democrats who want the health care system to become better and don’t want it to become a beauracracy. There are Democrats who don’t want our hospitals to be government buildings where you need to walk through a metal detector. Her statement seems to insinuate that this health care bill gives government to separate you from your Rights, and that being so, many doctors should leave the field.

Clearly, this will cause a major shortage of doctors. In fact, Doctors now have an excuse to quit if they don’t like the changes government makes. “I’m Catholic, I shouldn’t be in the emergency room. If I shouldn’t be in the emergency room, I shouldn’t be a doctor”. Is that what most Democrats want? For doctors to quit? I seriously doubt that. But that’s what Coakley stated, and she is for this healthcare bill.

Catholics are and should be offended by this statement because her statement singled out Catholics. Baptist, Muslims, Methodist, Jews, Episcopilians, and the numerous other religious groups should be equally offended by this statement. The government is now dictating what you should be able to do in the emergency room, and if it goes against your religious beliefs… well you should not be in the emergency room. It is an attack on people’s Right to practice their religious freedoms. It is an attempt to infringe on religious freedoms.

And government employees? Yes, your freedom of religious is being infringed on, and the limitations have been acceptable, but if Catholics shouldn’t be in the emergency room, then should we also prohibit Amish people from working in the DMV? Should we prohibit Baptist from working in the FCC? Where does this ideology stop? Does it stop?

Despite the common belief of many people, Rights are unchanging. They can not be given, they can not be changed, they can only be infringed on. Rights don’t come from the Constitution, they don’t come from the majority, they don’t come the Bill of Rights, and they don’t come from being a United States citizen. If so, the slavery should be okay, If the Constitution said so, if the Bill of Rights said so, if the Majority said so, then it must be. More so, when were any of the slaves citizens of this country? It was a clear violation of their Rights, despite what the majority said, despite what the Constitution said, despite what the Bill of Rights said, and despite being a non citizen of this country.

When Coakley stated that “Catholics probably shouldn’t be in the emergency room”, what she really is saying is that she believes government ought to be able to change Rights. It’s a fallacy, a dangerous fallacy to believe, and she is close to being a United States Senator, just like Mary Landrieu.

Being that Louisiana is a heavily Catholic state, both Senators ought to codemn Coakley’s statement, but especially Senator Landrieu. Senator Landrieu, do you stand with Coakley on health care, that Catholics ought not be in the emergency room, or do you stand with the Catholics, Baptist, and many other religious people of this state. I really want to know, where does Mary Landrieu stand? It seems like a no brainer. Then again, it seemed like a no-brainer that Mary Landrieu would stand by her state on Oil and Gas, it seemed like a no brainer that Mary Landrieu would stand with her state against Obamacare.

Mary Landrieu should condemn Coakley’s statement.

Thaxter Foundation grants $1,500 for home health care

Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME) February 10, 2005

Portland Press Herald (Maine) 02-10-2005 Thaxter Foundation grants $1,500 for home health care Edition: York Section: Your Neighbors Column: News Briefs


The Thaxter Foundation has granted $1,500 to HomeHealth-Visiting Nurses of Southern Maine to support home health-care services in Kittery and the seacoast New Hampshire area. in our site foundation grants

This marks the third consecutive year that the agency has received a grant from the Thaxter Foundation. HomeHealth-Visiting Nurses of Southern Maine, formerly Visiting Nurse Service, is a nonprofit, Medicare-certified agency dedicated to providing caring home health care in southern Maine.

The agency offers quality, compassionate health care services, including nursing, home health aides, rehabilitative therapy, medical social work, adult health clinics, maternal and child health care, specialized cardiac, intravenous, diabetes and wound care. Last year, the agency provided close to $300,000 in uncompensated care to residents of the seacoast region. This care made it possible for patients to receive critically necessary health care services in their home. go to web site foundation grants

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