A Christmas wish list

December 12, 2012

by Mark Parham


With only a few days left for finding those perfect gifts for the ones we love, we hustle and bustle about trying to finish up before the mad rush of the last minute shoppers. We check our list as we mark off item after item. I try to keep things simple and usable. Nothing worst than a present that will see dust before rust or ruin. While we enjoy our Christmas time with family and friends, there are some unable to do the same. Their wish list is very simple. They wish for the day they are back home with their loved ones.




Every day our brave young Hero’s face situations we will never know or deal with. Every day their families pray for their safety and live their deployments with them and wish for a swift return home. Every day more troops are leaving for another tour, leaving behind, those too young to understand.

     Don’t Go, Daddy

— — —

Kaydence Hoversten, 22-month-old daughter of Gunnery Sgt. Jared Hoversten, sits in front of buses shortly before her dad and other Regimental Combat Team 7, 7th Marines leave for their deployment to Afghanistan Oct. 9 at 7th Marine Regimental Headquarters. RCT-7 is departing for Helmand province, Afghanistan, where they will be taking over as the senior ground combat element in the area.





   I take this moment to thank my two brave young Hero’s, my sons, for their service and sacrifice to our great country.

    Capt. Aaron Parham USMC Retired . Two tours in Afghanistan now home with his family and serving in the Marine Reserves.



Airman Second Class Adam Parham. Serving as Air Force special forces, based in Germany.

 As a father, I have never been more proud of my sons than on the day they told me they made the decision to serve our country. Both are college graduates and college was not enough, they wanted to give more to their country. Thank you my sons.

We, the writers and admin of Louisiana Conservative and Conservative Fifty, wish to take this opportunity to give thanks to the families of our Hero’s that gave all. May God be with you at all times and comfort you during this holiday period. Our Christmas wish list is short. That all our troops be kept safe and come home soon.

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