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February 22, 2008

I’ve mentioned before that the Republican party is heading toward a civil war, one that could easily be averted simply by hose of us on the Right taking a closer look at who we choose as our leadership. We’ve had control of congress, but with President Bush’s over zealous desire to work with Democrats, even to a self destructive point, our congress to often put winning and party above God, country and Liberty. In some instances, their own families as well.

And though it’s easy to point our fingers at the congressmen for their failings, we the voters, we in the Republican party have failed to carry our own crosses. Some of us let perfection become the enemy of the good, while others look away from evil because it’s better than the other evil. The question each of us must ultimately ask ourselves is this, ‘Am I compromising too much?”

Certainly in every election that we vote, we compromise some things, because when we don’t vote we compromise everything. A vote for a candidate isn’t approval of everything he/she stood for, it’s nothing more than approval of most things they stood for.

But we failed in our duty, in our responsibility to pick out the candidate that best represents our party one too many times. I’m not just talking about McCain, but in congressional district after congressional district, Senate seat after Senate seat. We’ve didn’t just elect no-perfect men, but rather men who’s character allowed them to get drunk with power, to be arrogant enough to think that the rules of life don’t apply to them. They didn’t let us down, we let ourselves down by keeping them around when the truth about them came to light.

I’m sick and tired of people who can’t understand that I am still an individual, that I don’t owe anybody absolute loyalty except for God himself, and my wife and family are a close second. Absolute loyalty is something that excuses evil, it excuses corruption, it excuses bad behavior. We certainly don’t owe absolute loyalty to a political party, or even any single candidate.

It’s time for us to take a closer look at the candidates, to look beyond the suit and tie, and see the people who they surround their selves with. When a candidate tells us they are a conservative, are they surrounded by conservatives? Our would they rather spend wild and crazy nights with liberals in wine and cheese parties?

When Tim Burns claims to be pro-life, why then would he vote for the clone and kill bill even though there is absolutely no evidence that there has been advances in embryonic stem cell research? Why would a pro-life candidate vote to create human embryos for research when there’s more evidence that it’s a pipe dream rather than evidence? In New York, California, or Massachusetts, I’d understand it. But in a pro-life state like Louisiana, a state where there’s pressure even on the Democrats to be pro-life, it’s inexcusable. If he can not stand up against the Clone and Kill bill in this state, how’s he going to hold up in Washington where lobbyist, media, and leadership control how much power one has in the congress?

But look beyond the voting record, to the people who’s most likely going to get a job and have influence in a Burns congressional seat. Kevin Boyd, who is currently serving as Tim Burns’ political director, used to have the website Louisiana Libertarian, and though I respect his personal views and often agree with him, I do take offense to the utter disdain to the role that Christians play in politics that Burn’s PD has often displayed. Here’s a few quotes from his original blog.

“In fact, I’ll go so far and say I probably would’ve turned out to be a homo if Focus on the Family tried to “help” me just to spite these lunatics.”

Hmmm, seems to me that standing for specific issues that you believe in isn’t lunacy, standing for or against something without understanding why you’re doing it is.

“The “wonderful” people over at Focus on the Fags Family have produced this document to help parents determine if their children are about to choose to be homosexual.”

“…those of us who see the religious right as nothing more than the counterparts to Daily Kos’s commenters and the Democratic Underground on the left.”

“Who am I going to believe, a respected media organization or a political hack like James Dobson?”

Of course, trust the respected media organizations like CBS, CNN, and New York Times, they’ve never mislead anybody and are trustworthy sources of information (*sic)

“All Dobson has done with his remarks is set back his cause in the eyes of the American people. In addition, it confirms his place among the lunatic fringe of American politics and a man who should not be taken seriously.”

“Who gives a rat’s ass what Pat Robertson says. He’s just a crazy old kook with a limited following.” (On Pat Robertson’s assassinating Hugo Chavez comments)

Turns out that Pat Robertson understood Hugo Chavez better than Tim Burn’s PD did, after all, it seems as though Tim Burn’s PD thought Robertson was the kook, not Hugo Chavez.

“What is Wal-Mart supposed to do, pretend that Jews and others who don’t believe in Christ’s birth don’t exist and pander to that small segment of insecure Christians who must have “Merry Christmas” on every building…”

Does this really need to be commented on? Pandering to a small segment of insecure Christians? What about the even smaller segment of insecure atheist who must have Christ or God taken down from everything because it offends their sensitive minds. Disguising their hatred of religious freedom behind Freedom of religion. Can the government take away a man’s right to own a gun when he chooses not to own a gun? How then can it be an infringement of one’s religious freedom when one chooses not to believe that God exists?

Perhaps we should look at the men behind the mask. Perhaps we should see what is there in the influential wings of American politics.

The above attributed quotes were taken from Louisiana Libertarian

Mayor: Crime Prompted Hazleton Crackdown

AP Online March 15, 2007 SCRANTON, Pa. – A crime surge in a former coal town prompted a crackdown on illegal immigrants, the mayor testified Thursday as he defended the ordinance against claims that it is unconstitutional.

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta said violent crime spiked 60 percent between 2003 and 2006, driving businesses away and making residents afraid to come out of their homes. Within weeks last spring, he said illegal immigrants were arrested for fatally shooting a man, shooting a playground with a BB gun and dealing drugs. web site illegal immigration statistics

“People were demanding that something be done,” Barletta said on the fourth day of a trial to determine the constitutionality of Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act.

“I understand those who say the federal government is in charge of regulating immigration,” Barletta said. “However, these crimes are being committed on our streets.” The ordinance, passed last summer, imposes fines on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants and denies business permits to companies that employ them. A companion measure requires tenants to register with City Hall. see here illegal immigration statistics

The American Civil Liberties Union sued to overturn the measures, saying the federal government has jurisdiction over immigration matters. Enforcement of the laws was barred pending trial, the first to examine local efforts to curb illegal immigration.

Statistics show that illegal immigrants were responsible for less than one percent of the more than 8,000 crimes in the city between 2001 and 2006, ACLU lawyer Witold “Vic” Walczak said.

“I don’t have a dollar for one of them,” replied Barletta, who is facing a budget deficit. “We don’t have a dollar or an extra policeman for one of them.”


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