A Day of Celebration?

September 5, 2012

by Mark Parham

Yesterday, Sept. 4th 2012, on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte NC America hit a milestone that would make Karl Marx, Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven so proud of our Democratic Party. That milestone: the US debt, now stands at 16 TRILLION which translates to $50,000 worth of debt for every man, woman and child in the United States and we are spending steadily at a rate of $121,000 every single second of our clock, 7.25 million every minute, 436 million every hour and 10.45 Billion every day. Consider carefully, we borrow 40% or 4.5 Billion of that 10.4 Billion everyday. From a conservative stand point, we know this is unsustainable. From a liberal stand point, Don’t worry about it, we will borrow more, but don’t forget to pay your bills and taxes while we take a vacation. Now this is by no means a one party problem, both are just as guilty with the only difference being Democrats don’t care and Republicans don’t have the backbone to act. Oh they talk a big show but the time for talk is over.

Did we hear any of the “speakers” at the DNC last night mention the debt milestone or boast about it? Are they proudly running a national debt clock as the RNC did last week? Was there talk of how the DNC was going to address the debt crisis?  No, social issues, women’s rights and equality for all.

While many in the Republican Party think we should also focus on these social issues to win, I disagree, not that they should not be brought up but that our main focus should be on jobs(the lack thereof), energy and gasoline prices and most importantly, OUR National Debt. We must do what is necessary to create an environment that will encourage business to grow and invest by whatever means possible. We must push for more domestic energy exploration and damn the tree huggers, ride a bike. The big one, our debt, our appetite to spend recklessly, must be curbed and the expansion of government must cease! This will not be an easy task but nobody said life would be easy, unless your on the taking end and not the making end. We can not continue down this path of borrowing half of what we spend. It may be a micro way to look at the problem but look at your family budget the way our federal government does theirs(OURS) and we will be searching each other out very soon for food and shelter.


15 Trillion as of last November 2011










115 Trillion Unfunded Liabilities  and the Twin Towers were used intentionally.










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