A Grand Old Party No More

June 15, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Greg Neff, a real-estate agent, husband, and lifelong republican. I have spent my life defending the Constitution, believing in the conservative economic and social principles espoused within it. Since high school I have made this defense through the GOP but more and more lately have found myself disenchanted with their dramatic moves leftward. Since Reagan left office we have found our party forgetting the principles of natural law/divine rights and Austrian Economics choosing instead to embrace the ideas of Keynes and the concept of an all controlling centralized government. In 1988 we elected George Bush on his platform of; “Read my lips, NO NEW TAXES,” yet in less than one term we found ourselves feeling cheated and deceived as he dug deeper into our wallets. In 1994 Americans were aghast at Bill Clinton’s proposed Nationalized Healthcare Plan and they flocked to Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America believing we had found a moral and righteous leader only to again be disappointed when it was discovered he was having an affair with a House Staffer and later we were further disillusioned when he joined a national movement advocating the now debunked concept of manmade global warming. In 2000 many conservatives thought we had found a new kind of conservative, one who understood the constitution and the limits set forth within it; but this leader too would disappoint through excessive government growth resulting in a rapid expansion of our national debt. And things on the state level have not fared much better; Bobby Jindal who ran as a fiscal conservative attacking Kathleen Blanco’s $1 billion dollar expansion of the state’s budget found himself advocating for the very same thing less than one year into his first term as Governor.

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So with all of these failures, what is it we should do? The TEA Party, a truly conservative, grassroots organization, has taken the Nation by storm; perhaps they should become a third party, a truly conservative option. No, this would actually be counterproductive resulting in many Democratic victories nationwide. Instead we need to simply return to the principles of Reagan, we need “a revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but of bold colors” markedly differentiating ourselves from the progressives on the left and within our own party. All conservatives, whether in the TEA Party or not, must stand together and challenge those whom have drifted away from the principles they were elected on. I put forth a challenge that NO Republican goes unchallenged during their primary this year and next. We must send a clear message that we will no longer sit by, we will demand the preservation of liberty and that we be represented once again. We are not subjects to be ruled and occasionally appeased with panem et circenses, bread and circuses! We have uncompromising values that are to be upheld and when we are not satisfied we will send you home.

I call on all of you, my brethren, to organize with your friends and neighbors in order to learn the issues and set about finding our next leaders. These leaders will be the ones offering primary challenges, forcing our elected republicans to stick to conservative principles and end this practice of merely becoming an extension of the Democratic Party. This task will take commitment of time and financial resources, a great burden to many families who are already struggling to make it to their children’s ballgames and to balance a checkbook each month, but it is a task we must undertake for if we don’t make these sacrifices now our children will surely be forced to make greater sacrifices later. In the coming days I will lay out a platform that our State’s Conservatives can unite behind, a bold plan that will clearly differentiate us from our competition; a plan that will transport our state to a grander economic future and greater liberty.


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