A Kick In The T-Boone

August 13, 2008

It’s funny how we remember history isn’t it? Two months after something happened and poof, the version is completely forgotton and if remembered, has such a political slant that it’s so far from the truth, it’s unrecognizable.

For example, if you’re a liberal Democrat, the way you remember our attack on Iraq went something like this. It all started in 1992 when daddy was kicked out by the American people. The Bushies teamed up and plotted to put their sons in position to become President. When George ran, brother Jeb personally inserted just enough votes to keep Gore from winning. One day, George was looking at the pictures in a book that the teacher was reading to the other five year olds when George got the call. The Bush attack on the twin towers was a success. George didn’t know how long he should have waited, so he waited an entire five minutes, then unconsitutionally invade Iraq to take their oil and get even for daddy.

Republicans on the other hand will tell you a much starker version, a tale about how all of our lives were at stake and the evil French traitor sided with Saddam. Bush sweated and tried to work with him and finally Bush attacked after years of negotiation. Turned out the French was providing body guards to Saddam for unlimited oil.

Okay, so it’s an exxaggeration, but what isn’t an exxaggeration is how T. Boone Pickens used his wealth and power to steal the water so he could sell it. That’s right, T. Boone wants to sell water, that he claimed using Eminent Domain. Texas Kaos told the story on November 7, 2007, but we didn’t listen. I suppose because Eminent Domain has it’s own story. It was all the rage when it came out of the Supreme Court, but now based on your political persuasion has it’s own story and nobody really cares what’s happening about it now. In fact, there’s nothing environmentally “concious” about it.

But here’s where it really gets interesting, you see the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has quickly risen to become the most hated woman in the United States. (If you don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is, she’s the woman with the crazy look in her eyes that’s all over t.v.) She’s so disliked that her book barely broke 5,000 sales in the first two weeks despite being Washington D.C.’s most prominent woman. Why is she hated? Because she’s running the House as if it were a dictatorship, that she alone is denying even so much as a vote as to whether or not the American people ought to have access to their own oil. Granted she’s got her minions in the house helping her such as Louisiana’s own Don Cazayoux. What good despot doesn’t have obedient dogs lying around? They protect her by voting with her, then go back to their districts and claim to be for drilling… but if they are for drilling then why are they back home instead of back in Washington demanding a vote? Maybe Don Cazayoux just isn’t interested in returning to Washington D.C., and you should remember that when you go vote.

But what does Nancy Pelosi’s anti-drilling, save the earth have to do with T. Boones sell you water and destroy the ecology plan?  Nothing, until you realize that they are something of business partners. Guess who has approximately 20,000 shares purchased on May 25, 2007, while T. Boone was finishing his land grab under eminent domain. Each share cost Nancy Pelosi just over $3.00, but today CLNE sits at $14.70. One must wonder exactly what is Nancy Pelosi up too?

Question is, is Don “Couillon” Cazayoux in on it? Or is he really just a “couillon” in all of this? Regardless, our congress is attempting keep gas prices high by keeping oil off the market, and with Russia invading Georgia over an oil pipeline, making the world more dangerous, and for what? To save the planet with a plan to destroy the environment?

Maybe it’s better the couillon voted to come home, we can’t afford to keep Cazayoux in Washington. I know I wasn’t happy with the GOP in control of congress, but this is clearly the worst, the sickest congress has ever been. Louisiana ought to send a pair of doctors to handle the disease infesting congress.


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