A Libertarian Take on Fred Thompson

May 26, 2007

The current issue of REASON magazine reads, “If he runs, Thompson will be the most pro-Bush Republican in the race; he narrated Bush’s bio films at the 2004 Republican convention. If you liked the Bush era but wished the president’s voice had a little more bass, Thompson’s the one.”

I’m afraid that the libertarian tome is right on this partcular matter. The magazine describes Thompson as a mixture of “tough guy thuggishness” with a “bomb the bastards” foreign policy approach.

In this audio file,. recorded earlier this year, Thompson bashed war protestors and Ghandi. He also openly endorsed continued support for our president’s foreign policy in Iraq. This foreign policy is the work of a president with a 32% approval rating (that’s actually a generous estimate). This kind of rhetoric may win him kudos with some of the Republican base, but it is a sure loser in the general election.

In ’08, I have little doubt that the Democrats will take back the white house.


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