A Little Restraint, Mr. Ayers, Please.

March 12, 2008

One does not have to go far to find news on the Democrat Governor of New York. The latest revelations on his past escapades are being widely reported, but the details are hardly complete.

It is never an advisable position to cast stones before knowing all the facts and rarely is it seen as virtuous, even by supporters.

It has been reported that the Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association, Nick Ayers, has come out calling for the resignation of Democrat Governor Elliot Spitzer. It would have been more appropriate for Mr. Ayers to have kept his mouth shut, especially given Governor Spitzer is not among the RGA membership. At the very least, Mr. Ayers should have shown some restraint and remained neutral until a more appropriate time AFTER Governor Spitzer resigned.

Governor Spitzer is watching his well-constructed political career go down the proverbial tubes and finds himself on the receiving end of the same style of vindictive law enforcement that he used to become Governor of New York

Breaking news now confirms that Governor Spitzer will resign.

Mr. Ayers can now be blamed for an outpouring of criticism generated by his call for Spitzer’s resignation as the disgruntled Republicans and partisan Democrats renew their call for Senator David Vitter to resign for similar extramarital activities, and causing an undeserved backlash to be directed to Governor Bobby Jindal.

Chris Whittington, Chairman of the Democrat Party of Louisiana, lost little time renewing his calls for Senator Vitter to resign, but in his typical sour grapes and notoriously immoral style, Whittington made undeserved ASSumptions that Governor Jindal was being hypocritical by not calling for Senator Vitter’s resignation, as well, given Governor Jindal’s position on the Executive Committee of the Republican Governors Association.

Mr. Whittington is certainly one of the most despicable Democrats in the state given his past lies and distortions. Mr. Whittington’s lack of morals does not qualify him to judge the moral character of anyone. Mr. Whittington’s inability to speak the truth does not qualify him to recognize what the truth actually is. Mr. Whittington’s obvious and unjustified ASSumption only lengthens the list of social blunders he has committed.

Certainly the residents of Louisiana have endured a long line of corrupt and hypocritical politicians, one in particular that now sits in Federal prison. However, while choosing to maintain an equally hypocritical and immoral mouthpiece as Chris Whittington, when the Democrat Party of Louisiana considers maligning our new Governor, it would likely be more appropriate for them to just keep their mouths shut.

Predators 62, Storm 31

AP Online August 23, 1998

AP Online 08-23-1998 TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Rick Hamilton rushed for an Arena Bowl record 82 yards and three touchdowns, and Chris Barber had three of Orlando’s six interceptions as the Predators beat the Tampa Bay Storm 62-31 Sunday to win their first Arena Bowl.

Orlando had played in three of the previous 11 Arena Bowls, losing each of them. Tampa Bay lost its first Arena Bowl in five tries. The Storm had been undefeated in 10 previous home playoff appearances.

Orlando, coached by former Storm quarterback Jay Gruden, the younger brother of Oakland Raider coach Jon Gruden, led by seven at halftime before taking advantage of Tampa Bay turnovers to blow the game open with 23 straight points. website iron man games

“When we were 5-4, everyone was questioning each other. But we found a way to pull it together.” Gruden said. “Everyone was talking new coach, new logo, same results. Now they have to say new coach, new logo, new rings.” site iron man games

Barry Wagner intercepted an errant pass from Peter Tom Willis to open the half, setting Hamilton’s five-yard score. On the ensuing kickoff, Storm returner George LaFrance fumbled the ball back into the end zone and got tackled by Webbie Burnett for a safety. Orlando took the free kick and drove 34 yards, ending with Hamilton’s 10-yard run with 10:02 remaining.

Wagner capped the rally with a 48-yard missed field goal return that gave Orlando a 47-17 lead with 5:25 remaining in the third quarter.

“Look at me, I got my ring! I got my ring!” Wagner yelled afterwards to Predator fans in the north end zone.

The Predators intercepted Willis six times, including a 22-yard interception return by Damon Mason for a fourth-quarter touchdown.

Hamilton won the game’s MVP, while Wagner earned Iron Man game honors for his 156 return yards. Robert Gordon added two scores for Orlando, which had lost twice to Tampa Bay in the regular season.

The Predators led 24-17 at halftime after dominating the second period behind two of Barber’s interceptions. Trailing 14-10, Gruden elected for a fake field goal and back-up quarterback Connell Maynor ran three yards to give Orlando a 17-14 lead at 7:47 remaining.

After Bjorn Nittmo tied it with a 44-yard field goal, Hamilton turned a third-and-inches dive into an Arena Bowl record 36-yard touchdown run to put Orlando ahead for good.


Of course Chris Whittington decided to butt in with his two cents. He would have made a good argument about hypocricy had he simply stuck to Vitter, but when he started trying to throw in Jindal's name, he once again proved he is a great, incompetent leader for the state party. If LA Democrats are smart, they'll choose Cravins as their next chairman and dump Whittington.

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