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October 20, 2007

Red Stick Rant will (we hope) be liveblogging BOTH today’s election results and Game Six of the ALCS. (we’re on dial-up tonight….) Starts about 8:15.
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Stroll’s Ajay Segal and Ronald Pirollo Selected SmartCXO Winners by SmartCEO Magazine.(Awards list)

Marketing Weekly News April 7, 2012 Stroll Chief Operating Officer Ajay Segal and Vice President of Finance Ronald Pirollo have been chosen by SmartCEO Magazine as Philadelphia’s 2012 SmartCXO winners. The SmartCXO Awards recognize the achievements of Greater Philadelphia management all-stars: the chief financial officers, chief operating officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers and executive management teams that power the region’s economy and workforce. The winners are recognized for creative management vision, leadership philosophies, innovative strategizing and undeniable work ethic. site pimsleur approach review

Segal was recognized for his development of strategic operating plans and human resource processes that improved operational efficiency and helped fuel Stroll’s 135 percent growth in 2011. After joining Stroll’s management team in 2004, Segal spearheaded an initiative to ensure that employees at every level have a clear vision for their success within the organization, and know how their individual work contributes to the company’s bottom line. His open, communicative approach to management has transformed the way the business operates, making Stroll a successful and positive work environment.

“Ajay’s commitment to the growth and success of Stroll is reflected in everything he produces,” says Dan Roitman, founder and CEO of Stroll. “His focus on metrics and goal-centric operations has helped us chart and measure our success, evidenced by our continued exponential revenue growth. Stroll’s growth trajectory will only continue with the energy and vision that Ajay brings to the team.” Pirollo was recognized for the development of a financial model that allows Stroll to maximize cash and resources, resulting in a greater ability to reinvest earnings to fuel growth. With Pirollo’s model, the management team can accurately predict liquidity needs and generate detailed, reliable profitability and cash flow forecasts. Since Pirollo joined Stroll two years ago, the company has increased revenue by 375 percent, EBITDA by 900 percent, available capital by 400 percent, and has had a 230 percent increase in total assets. here pimsleur approach review

“One of the pillars of our success is the use of analytics to accurately track and predict the direction and velocity of our business,” says Roitman. “Ronald Pirollo has helped to make this possible and accelerated Stroll’s triple-digit growth with his financial model. He is a seasoned professional who I respect tremendously and I am proud to have him as a leader within our organization.” The SmartCXO Awards celebrate the distinguished achievements of forty of Greater Philadelphia’s finest management executives. As a whole, the companies represented in the 2012 Philadelphia SmartCXO Awards generate $98.6 billion in revenue and manage 64,600 employees in the Greater Philadelphia area. The 2012 SmartCXOs are profiled in the March 2012 issue of Philadelphia SmartCEO. About Stroll Stroll is a next generation education e-commerce platform company headquartered in Philadelphia. Stroll deploys sophisticated marketing analytics and an advanced e-commerce platform to drive triple-digit growth for the products it owns or licenses. The company’s flagship product, The Pimsleur Approach, is one of the leading audio-based language learning systems, second in the U.S. market to Rosetta Stone. The company has increased its revenue at a compounded annual growth rate of 73% since 2002 and revenue growth in 2011, alone, was 135%. By 2020, Stroll aims to exceed $1 billion in revenue through organic and inorganic growth.

GM Roper
GM Roper

Congratulations on Bobby's win. You guys worked hard for it and deserve a high five.

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