A Mississippi House Burning.

August 22, 2007

Before I get into another Sheriff’s race, I want to say a few things about Louisiana Conservative and it’s role in any elections. It has been brought to my attention that I ought not criticize any of the candidates, that our job at Louisiana Conservative is to be “non-partisan”. I respectfully disagree for several reasons.
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#1. I am not the unbiased media, I am a voter with a bullhorn, I get to say what I want about what happens in elections.

#2. The name of this site clearly states that this site is Louisiana Conservative, which means the people who typically come here understand that this site actively promotes a very biased opinion, usually and intentionally in order to promote conservatism.
#3. We have a disclaimer on the sidebar for anybody to read, and it has been there for several months now. The reason this is on the side bar is because we wanted to takes steps, knowing full well that there are people who do not respect free speech and will insist that they have the right to tell us what we can or can not put up here.

#4. Any candidate who starts to attack and attaches their name to the attack ads are opening their self up for criticism.
With that being said, I do at times talk about issues affecting us on the national level and other events. One of those events is a mere hour away from Louisiana’s capital city and just a couple of miles off the Louisiana-Mississippi border and is concerning a Sheriff’s department.

This is a story of elections fraud, police brutality, attempted murder, and a Mississippi house burning. We even have accusations of racism here, but let’s look at the situation honestly, after all, these are Democrats in this burning Mississippi town

WOODVILLE — The home of one of the players in the controversy surrounding the Wilkinson County elections burned Friday morning.

The Lake Mary Road house belonged to Kirk Smith, a candidate for the board of supervisors district 2 seat, and Donna Smith, who was arrested after voicing concerns about absentee ballot counting at the counting site.

Wilkinson County Sheriff Reginald Jackson was unavailable Friday for comment about the charges relating to the arrest.

Smith is reportedly out on bond, and a video of the arrest — captured by cell phone — aired on a Baton Rouge television station.

Centreville resident Ann Greer, a member of the Wilkinson County Democratic Committee who alleges white members of the committee were excluded from the committee’s election preparations, said some community members believe the fire to be arson.

“A gas can was found at the house,” she said.

Read the story here

Okay, my first thought are this, “Hey Mississippi, knock it off!” Really, what’s wrong with you guys up there? Look, Louisiana ain’t good at much. We got the worst schools in the nation, the upkeep of those schools look more like third world countries, well, I guess I shouldn’t insult third world countries like that, but I digress.

We have the worst Governor, the worst roads, in fact, Mississippi, we can’t get much right down here in Louisiana. So what gives? I mean, there is something we are good at, and that’s corruption. I pretty sure Washington D.C. just conceded that they can no longer keep up with the corruption in Louisiana, but they remain proud to be number two. But, I digress- again.

Look Mississippi, what I’m trying to say is we found a place where we can be number one in the nation, and that’s in corruption. We’re good at it, we’re proud of it, we excuse it. If you don’t believe me, drive around Louisiana and ask people about Edwin Edwards, they’ll tell you. They’ll say “Edwards was a crook, but he sure was a good governor.” because we’re proud of corruption, we love it. We can’t have a good education system, we can’t have good roads, we can’t have a good governor, but we can be #1 in corruption. Got it?

Seriously Woodvillians, corruption belongs in Louisiana, it goes together like peas and carrots, red beans and rice, and of course, Democrats and high taxes.

Heh, Woodvillians, it just sounds corrupt. On second thought Mississippi, do ya just want to annex Wilkinson county? We’ve already got Cold Cash Bill Jefferson, King Fish Long, Edwin Edwards, we might as well add the Woods to our list of villians. Besides, that would be another wonderful story to add to Louisiana lore.

GM Roper
GM Roper

LC, the more I read about your beloved state and its history of corruption, the state where my granddad preached for 20 years (NOLA), the state where I went through Basic and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Polk, the more I'm glad I live in Texas. Seriously, can Bobby Jindal clean up the state? Or, will Louisanna Politics corrupt him?

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