A New Dictator?

January 6, 2012


Leon Puissegur

Now just who is this new Dictator? It could well be the very president of the United States since Obama has taken office, he has circumvented the very Constitution he was sworn to uphold! How can a man elected as President of the greatest nation in the world become a Dictator? It is very easy if it is the total idea of the party in control. I know many will say this is wrong because the democrats do not want the United States run by a Dictator, but here it becomes very tricky because some of these “Democrats” are Socialist/Communist in “DEMOCRAT” name! Now that I have your attention let me continue to what this man, Obama, has done to destroy the very nation and Constitution he was supposed to “protect”.

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Just after Obama was elected his plan was begun with the placement of Van Jones a very widely known and proud Communist friend of Obama! How could this happen, how could a President of the United States appoint a known and proud “COMMUNIST” into his administration? It was very easy especially when a lot of those that held the weird “GREEN” ideas and the very SOCIALISTIC ideas of taking from the rich to give to the poor until the only ones rich are the rulers! Obama thought nothing of the idea of placing a known Communist in his Cabinet that had control over the energy and the “Socialists” idea of spreading the wealth which has never been good for any nation that has tried to truly live with that idea. Of course Van Jones was “fired” or rather given a job outside the administration so he did not have direct contact with his friend, Obama!

Now just recently, Obama has once again gone beyond the very Constitution he swore to uphold and has made appointments that are very favorable to his Socialist/Communist ideals! Obama has ignored the Constitution in every way he can and he is proud to do that when he wants. The very sad part of this total abuse of power is that Congress has become nearly totally useless under Obama’s actions because they have very little control over what Obama does! Obama’s very recent appointments and creation of a totally new department, the “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has been done without any Congressional Approval! One of Obama’s biggest supporters, Nancy Pelosi even said she was very glad Obama made the new Bureau without the consent of Congress even though Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution REQUIRES presidential appointees to be confirmed by the Senate before they take office. But once again, Obama does not care about the Constitution and he has done this many times.

Obama does not respect or care for the Constitution, he has made many statements that must and should be questioned. Obama stated one time that the Constitution was a restriction that he did not like so he goes around it, circumvents the Constitution to do what he wants. Obama used an executive order to place the EPA in a position that would enforce the environmental law that the ENTIRE Congress voted down. Here Obama saw that Congress did not want the environmental laws he wanted so he did it another way of which should NEVER be allowed because the Executive Orders have no true Constitutionality based upon the very Constitution itself! Executive Orders do not carry the support of the Constitution since they are used to circumvent Congressional authority to make laws!

According to the Constitution in particular Article 2 Section 2, Obama HAS to go to the Senate to have the Senate approve his appointees, yet Obama has ignored the very Constitution he swore under oath to uphold! Obama has violated the Constitution many times since he has held the office of president, but Congress has become so very weak that they just allow his actions to continue to go on without question. Obama’s actions even the move he has made to cut the military have been made to destroy the very nation he is supposed to keep safe! Obama has violated the very oath he took, but so has many others in both houses of Congress! A couple of months ago some of the people in the House of Representatives along with a couple of Senators have even gone as far as publicly stating they were the “Democratic Socialist Party of America”! How can these “SOCIALIST” uphold the Constitution of the United States? Representatives John Conyers,(Chairman of the Judiciary Committee),Tammy Baldwin, Jerrold Nadler, Luis Gutierrez, Melvin Watt, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Steve Cohen, Babara Lee, Robert Wexler, Linda Sanchez , all proud people of the “SOCIALIST PARTY” sit on the Judiciary Committee! There are some 23 Democrats sitting on the Judiciary Committee of which eleven belong to the “Democratic Socialist Party of America”!

Obama although he claims to have been born in Hawaii, his birth certificate cannot pass scrutiny yet none in Congress wishes to really investigate this along with other true background checks of Obama. I am wondering why none of his friends in college have come forward to talk about him. I found that a couple of his friends had made statements about him, but when I went to look for them, they along with their statements disappeared! Why does the news media not investigate why none of his old girl friends come forward and say anything about their relations to him? Obama has hidden his past through Executive Orders and should anyone try to find them, they would be given problems with the law. Two college students did find information on Obama and before they had a chance to get the information out to all they knew, they were thrown in jail!

Obama is perhaps the most delusional president our nation has ever had! Obama has said that he is the Fourth best President in a round about way which shows his arrogance of the office he holds.

Obama said, “As you yourself said, Steve, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln. You know, just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history,” Obama said

Obama has placed his “accomplishments” above those of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and so many others yet in truth, Obama has brought more problems then any president before him! Obama has caused our nation to be in a debt so very deep that it seems nearly impossible to get out the hole he has led us to. Obama has even asked for yet another 1.2 trillion dollars! Is it no wonder that he has the idea of being the best? Obama has all but shut down our space program, we now have to depend upon other nations to get our astronauts into space! I could write for hours about what Obama has done to destroy our nation but I am thinking of just sit down and write a book about all of Obama’s acts of treason against our nation beginning with his Executive Orders that Circumvent the very Constitution he was supposed to uphold, yet he is trying to do away with it so he can become the Dictator he wants to be! Obama is also working with Hillary Clinton to bring forth the anti gun and total gun elimination and total elimination of the Second Amendment so our nation can be brought under the control of the United Nations and their gun control agenda!

I must state that although most of this can be found on the internet, it is my “OPINION” that Obama is doing all he can through any means he can to destroy the nation he is supposed to protect! That is why I suspect Obama to be “A New Dictator”!

Learning on their laptops Dist. 54 to provide some grades with iBooks.(News)

Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) February 25, 2003 | Singh, Shruti Date Byline: Shruti Date Singh Daily Herald Staff Writer Dooley School teacher Jennifer Antonson is excited about the prospect of each of her students getting a laptop computer.

Her sixth-graders could research and write their English papers right at their desks, and they could read about history for social studies as current events occur, Antonson pointed out.

“I think back 20 years ago. A school wouldn’t even consider not having a set of encyclopedias,” said Antonson from her Schaumburg school. “This is a new resource every child should have access to.” Schaumburg Township Elementary District 54 plans to give every student in grades four, five and six an Apple iBook laptop to use during the school year. The District 54 school board approved the project on Thursday.

The laptops will be phased in over the next three years. This fall, District 54 will provide laptops to about 1,700 students in seven of its 22 elementary schools. Another seven or eight elementary schools will receive laptops for their fourth-, fifth- and sixth graders beginning in the 2004-2005 school year. The remaining elementary schools will receive laptops for students in these grades beginning in the 2005-2006 school year. When the program is at its peak, about 5,100 students and dozens of staff members will work daily on laptops.

Each phase will cost about $2.1 million for hardware, software, training and support.

Officials said despite the budgetary constraints school districts face in this tough economy, they plan to pay for the program by reallocating money, and they won’t dip into reserves. see here ibooks for mac

District 54 spokesperson Terri McHugh said each year the district spends money for various types of technology – from software licenses to desktop computers. She said, for example, in the upcoming school year the district would not need to buy desktop computers and would buy laptops instead.

The district this spring will choose the seven schools that will receive the first batch of Apple iBooks, based on current technology network and skills and strength of leadership in the building.

District 54 officials said along with books and blackboards, in this day and age laptops are logical learning tools for English, science, social studies or any other subject.

“We believe technology has to be woven into the subject,” said Marianne Zito, District 54 assistant superintendent for instructional services. “This is a modern-day book.” Zito said through the use of laptops, the district intends to enhance reading and writing skills, improve students’ connection with outside resources in a monitored environment and beef up technical skills.

She said the district hopes to equip these students with computer skills they can use in high school, college and the workforce.

“It certainly opens up the door to see what skills they will need in the future,” she said.

Through a pilot program conducted this fall in nine classrooms, students used the laptops to write journals, create presentations and do research on the Internet. District officials said teacher, parents and student surveys revealed the children were more motivated to work on assignments in school and at home, and they spent more time reading and writing. this web site ibooks for mac

Students also took laptops home everyday, which enabled them to show parents exactly what they did at school that day – something that moms and dads always want to know.

District officials said the results of the pilot program gave them qualitative information, but the program is too new for firm quantitative data about the improvement in literacy or technical skills.

Indeed, District 54 is one of just a handful of educational institutions implementing this program.

The Maine Department of Education launched an initiative this school year through which all seventh-grade students and teachers across the state receive iBooks. The department plans to provide all eighth-graders with laptops beginning the next school year.

When the $37 million state-funded Maine Learning Technology Initiative is in full swing, nearly 36,000 students and teachers will receive these laptops.

Tony Sprague, project manager of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, said it’s too early to make definitive judgments about the benefits, but the enthusiasm the laptops generate among students is evident.

He said during a pilot program the state conducted last academic year, attendance improved dramatically during the nine weeks students received the laptops.

Henrico County Public Schools, a Virginia school system that provides laptops to nearly 25,000 high school and middle school students and teachers, also has noticed some preliminary benefits. The $21 million laptop program began in 2001.

School officials said last year, scores for the U.S. history section of the standardized high school U.S. Standard of Learning exam jumped 20 points from the year before. U.S. history was the only completely digitized subject in the district.

“They’ve benefited by all having access. When you look how fast info moves … this is the way the world is moving,” said Janet Binns, director of public relations for the Henrico County Public Schools.

Singh, Shruti Date

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