A Petition asking Whittington to Apologize

July 16, 2007

The case for an apology by the Louisiana Democrat Party (Sign the petition here)

History of the Louisiana Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan.

  • July 30, 1866: New Orleans’s Democratic government ordered police to raid an integrated GOP meeting, killing 40 people and injuring 150.

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HarpWeek Commentary: Amphitheatrum Johnsonian – Massacre of the Innocents at New Orleans – July 30, 1866

This is one of the most important cartoons that Thomas Nast ever drew. He probably was influenced by Jean-Léon Gérôme’s 1859 painting “Ave Caesar”(now in the Yale University Art Gallery).

Andrew Johnson is shown as a Roman emperor impassively observing Mayor John Monroe (on the horse) leading the charge of his police against the black freedmen. Secretary of State William H. Seward leans over him, while Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles leans over the rail. The man in the Roman helmet and armor is General George Armstrong Custer, who accompanied Johnson on his “Swing Round the Circle” and at least once hurled invectives at hecklers. * 1868 Democratic presidential candidate Horatio Seymour is peering between the wall and the post at the top left.

* Source –Impeach-andrewjohnson.com

* Note – This was Democrats rioting at a integrated Republican Convention.

Many of you still don’t believe that the party of peace, love, tolerance, free speech, and equality would ever do such a thing. So let me give you a few more sources Brainy History, Find Articles, Wikipedia, Louisiana101 & Louisiana101, Wikipedia- July 30, GMU.EDU, Enlou.com, and Jim Crow History.

It took only two years before White Democrats became violent against Republicans again.

  • September 28, 1868: Democrats in Opelousas, Louisiana killed nearly 300 blacks who tried to foil an assault on a Republican newspaper editor.

Many alleged charges of larceny, robbery and other property offenses against white Republicans were politically motivated. In many instances, the charge of stealing chickens was used to justify the lynching of white Republicans. Many eminent black politicians also met with the same fate on trumped up charges of stealing hogs, chickens and cattle.(72) By regularly accusing white radicals of inciting blacks to murder and robbery, Democratic newspapers all over the state justified attacks against white Republicans and Republican newspapers which, as a result, became targets of the whites’ fury.(73)

* Source – Find Articles

More to the point, the violence started again when three local white men beat up Emerson Bentley, white editor of the local Republican newspaper. Upon hearing the news of Bentley’s beating, several local African Americans came to the defense of Bentley. That day, at least two dozen African Americans were arrested and hung that same night. The following days, local whites went on what they called a “negro hunt”. At least 200 African Americans were killed in the fields and swamps.

More information concerning the Democrat riot against African American and Republicans can be found Brainy History and African American Registry.

Louisiana was one of two Southern states (three if you count Kentucky as a Southern state) to vote for Democratic Presidential nominee Horatio Seymour. Like Democrats today, Seymour protested the war, accusing Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s “restrictions of civil liberties”, the Emancipation Proclamation, and against Lincoln’s “extensive use of executive war powers”. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The United States presidential election of 1868 was the first presidential election to take place during Reconstruction. Three of the former Confederate states (Texas, Mississippi, and Virginia) were not yet readmitted to the Union and therefore could not vote in the election. The incumbent President, Andrew Johnson, had alienated so many people that his effort to win the Democratic nomination failed: Johnson had failed to help remitt Texas, Mississippi, and Virginia back into the US as individual states. Instead the Democrats nominated Horatio Seymour to take on the Republican candidate, Civil War hero General Ulysses S. Grant. With Freedmen voting in all of the South, and with massive popularity in the North as the man who won the Civil War, Grant won an impressive victory.


Reconstruction was a hotly debated issue north and south. Seymour ran what historian David Blight has called “arguably the most openly white supremacist election campaign in American history,” with the slogan “This Is a White Man’s Country, Let White Men Rule.”

* Source – Wikipedia Presidential Election 1868
* Georgia was the other Southern State to vote for Horatio Seymour.

On October 7, 1868, Republicans criticized the Democrat’s national slogan “This is a White Man’s Country, Let White Men Rule”

The Louisiana Democrat Party’s taste for blood didn’t stop there. Just six years after Opelousas, and eight years after the “Massacre of the Innocents”, Louisiana Democrats again turned violent.

  • September 14, 1874: Racist white Democrats stormed Louisiana’s statehouse to oust GOP Governor William Kellogg’s racially integrated administration; 27 are killed.

Emboldened by the federal hands-off policies, 3,500 armed White Leaguers assembled in New Orleans on September 14, 1874, and demanded that carpetbag Republican Gov. William Kellog resign. Opposing the White League were 3,600 policemen and black militia troops under the command of ex-Confederate General James Longstreet. Supported by two Gatling guns and a battery of artillery, Longstreet’s force formed a battle line from Jackson Square to Canal Street, guarding the Customs House, in which the governor and other Republican officials had taken refuge. The White Leaguers charged the line, captured Longstreet, and pushed his men to the river, where they either surrendered or fled. The attackers occupied the city hall, statehouse, and arsenal. Total casualties in the one-hour fight that has become known as the Battle of Liberty Place were 38 killed and 79 wounded.

* Source – Civilwar.bluegrass.net

More on the battle of Liberty Monument can be found at Encyclopedia.com, neworleans.indymedia.org, Wikipedia history of New Orleans, and Wikipedia William P. Kellogg

In closing: Every time you hear the Democrats trying remind you of Bobby Jindal’s roots when they say “Piyush”, remember the roots of the Democrat party. It’s time for the Democrat party to move out of the Reconstruction era and into the 21st century. It’s time for Chris Whittington to issue an apology for the past actions of the Louisiana Democrat party for racism and violence in Louisiana. (Sign the Petition here)
See also:

1873 Battle of Colfax – Warhistorian.org

P.B.S. Pinchback – Wikipedia

Democrat V Republican, Which Party is More Racist? – I Love Jet Noise

A GOOD START: Thinking, energy, social interaction go better with breakfast

The Charleston Gazette (Charleston, WV) October 17, 2005 | Morgan Kelly Healthy breakfast ideas * Two slices of whole-grain bread with peanut butter and apple slices * A cup of vanilla or plain low-fat yogurt mixed with whole- grain cereal or berries s Leftover vegetable pizza with a piece of fruit and a glass of milk * Rice or pasta Quick breakfast ideas for those hectic mornings * Whole-grain cereal with fruit and milk, or a cup of yogurt * Toasted waffles with peanut butter * Instant oatmeal with milk and dried fruit * A whole-wheat pita stuffed with hard-boiled eggs Source: American Dietetic Association mkelly@wvgazette.com When you finally slide out of bed and slither to the shower, the thought of grabbing a bagel – or even finding the energy to eat it – could drive you back to bed, leaving a trail of soapy water. site healthy breakfast ideas

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“Unless you’ve been sitting up all night eating, you’ve been fasting. The food you ate the night before is all gone,” said Susan Poindexter, a registered dietitian. “You have to revitalize, refuel.” The body’s glucose, or blood sugar, content drops considerably after eight to 12 hours without food, according to the American Dietetic Association. Glucose, along with oxygen, serves as the brain’s main source of fuel.

People who eat a healthy breakfast find themselves with more strength and energy, the ADA reports. They also tend to be a little sharper mentally, displaying a keener ability to focus and solve problems than nonbreakfast eaters.

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Of course, most people eat something before or during lunch hours and never reach the starvation stage. But a Harvard study suggests that breakfast habits could affect a person’s weight. The study found that adults who regularly ate breakfast were half as likely as those who didn’t to be obese, according to the ADA.

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As usual, DanielZ believes that only the people he talks with are worth mentioning, but fails to name names when making unsubstantiated claims of what Republicans MAY have said. DanZ, the state is much bigger than the bubble where you live. Oyster, for you to overlook that Edwin Edwards was on the other side of that ticket doesn\'t say much for your credibility. Many Republicans like me held their nose and voted for Fast Eddie, because they knew that LA could not stand the national press that would result from voting for scum like Duke. The only problem was, Edwin Edwards wears the same slime, and many voters knew there was little to no difference and did not vote at all. What seems absent in all of these discussions is that what Whittington and the Democrat Party of LA has done IS THE PRESENT! I would like just one of you Democrat operatives to step forward and defend a personal attack on a good and decent man\'s faith and justify lies and distortions to facilitate that attack. Please, try to use independent research beyond your slanted and overworked bias to make your case. Clergy from around the state has condemned what Whittington has done. Political scientists have confirmed the distortions. Perhaps if we dealt with \"the here and now\" we could make headway in letting the past go and move forward to a better state that would cease to be the amazement of the rest of the country for all of the wrong reasons.

Daniel Z.
Daniel Z.

Jeremy:"Could somebody point to any other former Dixiercrats that still hold office? If you can and one of them is a Republican you will have made a paradigm shift in my mind." ' Well, Strom thurmond held office up until Jan 2003 and he died later that year. Is that recent enough for you to show that Republicans have not clensed their ranks of the racists? nicename: "In 1991, this state was still overwhelmingly Democrat, as this state historically has been Democrat. David Duke got an awful lot of the Democrat vote." What on earth are you talking about?!?!?!?! EWE got 61% of the vote in the runoff. The only people who I know who voted for Duke are Republicans. But hey, don't let the truth get in the way of you trying to build a strawman of the Democratic party. 'And though David Duke doesn’t always agree with Democrats, he was seen hobnobbing with Hugo’s new best friend in Iran. Who in America likes those guys besides David Duke? It certainly ain’t the Republicans." And its not the Democrats either.

Jeremy H. Bol
Jeremy H. Bol

Also, Virginia does not force you to vote your party in primaries. I voted for Al Sharpton in the last presedential. I thought he would have been more entertaining than sKerry.

Jeremy H. Bol
Jeremy H. Bol

Okay, so...I didn't read all the demo-republi-racist diatribe. Both parties have had problems. Racism has been part of American and world history for a long time. America as a whole has a lot less racism of other countries. Is it perfect? No. Should it be looked upon as an example? Probably. Does it matter that the Republican party was founded with the primary concern of equal rights? Not in today's society. The part where I draw the line is Byrd. Republicans, at the behest of others noting the previously racist leanings of certain people have cleansed their ranks of them. Democrats appear to have used them examples of "reformed racists". Particularly I am speaking of Byrd though. I really can't fathom the idea that a former recruiter for the KKK is a lauded statesman. Now something I've been curious about is the whole Dixiecrat issue. I know that Byrd was a Dixiecrat but I can't say I can remember one single solitary person that remains in office that was a Dixiecrat. Could somebody point to any other former Dixiercrats that still hold office? If you can and one of them is a Republican you will have made a paradigm shift in my mind. ========================================================== I will not sign this petition. I do not sign it for the same reason I did not agree with the governmental apology to slaves. It's the same reason I don't believe we need to apologize to the American Indians either. Bad things, heinous things have happened in the course of American history. We have already made ammends for most of them. Did every black slave get their 40 acres and a mule? No. They got and continue to get government funded programs, preferential treatment and several other services that have tallied up a charge well over what 40 acres and a mule would ever make. We have paid our pennance as a country. Now the records for these events are something the Republican pary can and should use to slap the democrats in the face with. With this data it wouldn't/shouldn't be too hard to paint the entire party as the kin of racist murderers. It would be a smart political move unless there are similar skeletons in the Republican party. I can't say I remember hearing any stories about mass-murders on behalf of Republicans though. Please, feel free to correct me if I am mistaken. The last concept that could be derived from this besides a simple apology could be as simple as a lawsuit. America is sue happy and a good civil rights attorney with the ability to track down a few families could potentially draw up suit against the democratic party for reparations. It would be a much better avenue than a petition.


Oyster, Louisiana is sort of unique, in that we have what is called a "Jungle Primary". What that means is people can vote for whoever they want Republican or Democrat. In most states, Republicans can only vote for the Republican candidates while the same holds true for Democrats. At that time, Louisiana was overwhelmingly Democrat and Buddy Romer did get most Republicans votes. However, the Jungle primary allows for crossover votes and that's exactly what happened. Many Democrats crossed over and voted for David Duke. As far as biased, I believe that I linked to enough sources that any reasonable person can see that what I stated is clearly based on fact, and not so much on bias. I suppose I am showing a left wing bias, after all, I didn't mention the Shreveport incident or the many other incidents that the Louisiana Democrats have done against African American and White Republicans.


Daniel, sorry it's taken so long to get back, I've been somewhat busy. However, if I registered Democrat tomorrow, does that make me such? There's several "registered Democrats" in Louisiana that are really Republican and they know it, they just haven't switched. And though David Duke doesn't always agree with Democrats, he was seen hobnobbing with Hugo's new best friend in Iran. Who in America likes those guys besides David Duke? It certainly ain't the Republicans. In 1991, this state was still overwhelmingly Democrat, as this state historically has been Democrat. David Duke got an awful lot of the Democrat vote. I'm not saying that Bill Clinton would have condoned the past actions, but it certainly would have shown a light on Roger Clinton's liberal use of the N word. Well, I'm glad to see that we can count on your signature to ask Chris Whittington to issue a public apology for the long history of racism and violence against Republicans and African Americans in Louisiana.


Daniel Z...the fact that last time I checked the state was still over 80% registered Democrat means that Duke had to get plenty votes from Democrats in order to get the totals he got statewide.

Daniel Z.
Daniel Z.

"But it does go to show that Duke is not really a Republican, " Someone is a Republican if they are registered as such. And if Republicans vote for that person, then that means he gained acceptance as a Republican. He did make the runoff as a Republican against Edwards. You look back to the late 1800's for examples of Democratic racism. I look at 1991 for evidence of Republican racism. "I would say that you just undid your argument about David Duke however, in saying that just because he calls himself a Republican doesn’t it make it so, or just because one guy said he doesn’t vote Democrat because whatever, doesn’t mean all Republicans are like that." I am saying that Republican Duke does not support Democratic ideals just because he agrees with Cindy Sheehan on the Iraq war. And no, he doesnt speak for all Republicans. The Republicans spoke for themselves when he was the Republican to make the runoff in 1991 (again, a more recent example of republicans being racist). And yes, if you vote for Duke you are a racist. "Do you consider it a wrong thing for President Bill Clinton to go to Africa and apologize for his party’s long history of violence against Africans by making slaves of them? " I don't think it was wrong for him to do so. Your argument seems to be that if he had not done so then he would have condoned the actions against people of African heritage and that is where your argument false apart. "I think you are making your position very clear, in that, though you find Democrats history embarrassing, you don’t think it’s nearly as bad as say David Vitter visiting a prostitute, and certainly not bad enough that the Democrat party ought to apologize. " Wow, that was a huge leap. One has nothing to do with the other. Again, the people in the Democratic party back then are people who would most likely be Republicans today. Since that is the case, I see no reason that the Democrats HAVE to do so. I think the actions of the Democratic party in trying to fight for civil equality shows that they are a different party than the party of the late 1800s. And no, seeing a prostitute is not as bad a killing people or working to keep minorities down. But claiming that one person should resign because of an affair and then not resigning himself shows why David Vitter is a hypocrite.


"the majority of Republicans rejected David Duke’s ideas". Then why did a majority of Republicans vote for him for Governor and Senator, if they rejected Duke's ideas? Democrats decided to reject Duke's "ideas" as well as the man, and voted against the lying Nazi racist Klansmen in office. If only registered Republicans had voted in those elections, Duke would have won, and Louisana would be apologizing for that misdeed for generations to come. The current state GOP, on the other hand, has embraced some of Duke's biggest supporters into RSCC. I dislike the political formatting of the petition you linked to, but would sign another one that was written more neutrally. I loathe the old sins of Conservative Dems against the Radical Republicans and wouldn't hesitate to apologize for the party's past.


But it does go to show that Duke is not really a Republican, even though he claims it, which is what my point is. I would say that you just undid your argument about David Duke however, in saying that just because he calls himself a Republican doesn't it make it so, or just because one guy said he doesn't vote Democrat because whatever, doesn't mean all Republicans are like that. Do you consider it a wrong thing for President Bill Clinton to go to Africa and apologize for his party's long history of violence against Africans by making slaves of them? I think you are making your position very clear, in that, though you find Democrats history embarrassing, you don't think it's nearly as bad as say David Vitter visiting a prostitute, and certainly not bad enough that the Democrat party ought to apologize.

Daniel Z.
Daniel Z.

I already answered the question about being proud of the history of the party. No, im not proud of it. What you are failing to get is that the people who are currently in the Democratic party today are not people who would have been in the Democratic party of the late 1800's that was described in the initial post. So I have no reason to be embarrassed of their actions because I had nothing to do with it and i know that the direction of the party is one that goes away from those racist feelings. Just because Duke agrees with Sheehan doesn't mean that he speaks for the Democratic party. That is the typical logical fallacy that is often used (by both sides). It is like the stupid argument by some creationists that Hitler believed in Evolution. By doing so they try and make people think "well, if hitler believed it it must be wrong" or "if i believe in evolution I will be like hitler". It is a bogus argument that doesn't fly with people with more than 2 braincells.


That's a most excellent point that you are making Oyster. You are also forgetting to mention that David Duke's roommate also ran against Republican Bobby Jindal and lost. You hold the fact that Duke got 19% of the vote against the Republicans but that's also ignoring that the majority of Republicans rejected David Duke's idea's. David Duke, a life long Democrat until 1988, decided to switch parties for his own political gains, but the Republicans overwhelmingly rejected his ideas. Today, David Duke defends and agrees with liberals such as Cindy Sheehan. He speaks out against the war, believes in the conspiracy of 9-11, and stands against "Jews" and "neocons" that are in control of our national policy. While you complain that Duke got 19% of the vote as a Republican, he's recieved 33%, 26%, 4% (Nationwide presidential) as a Democrat. Now, again, I'll ask boh Dan Z and Oyster to answer the question instead of trying to change the subject, "Are you so proud of the Louisiana Democrat Party's history that you won't sign the petition, or are you embarrassed enough of it that you will?


Sorry, that last sentence is inaccurate. It should read: "Perhaps most amazingly, Duke carried conservative Tangipahoa Parish in his U.S. House Race… in 1999! (David Vitter edged him out 22% to 19% overall, to make the runoff with David Treen)."


"It’s time for the Democrat party to move out of the Reconstruction era and into the 21st century." That's an interesting view. I object to the formatting of the petition you linked to, but I might be inclined to sign it if current LA GOP members objected to some of David Duke's top supporters being on its Republican State Central Committee. David Duke's former "spiritual adviser" is on the committee, as well as Keith Rush-- who gave the lying Nazi Klansmen early radio exposure before his runs for Governor and Senate. Duke won the majority of Republican (and white) votes in both of his major races in '90 and '91 (source: "The Rise and Fall of David Duke" by Tyler Bridges). Every time he ran as a Democrat, he lost in landslides, yet when he switched to the GOP he found success. Perhaps most amazingly, Duke won the majority of Republican votes in Tangipahoa Parish in his U.S. House Race.... in 1999! (David Vitter edged him out 22% to 19%, to make the runoff with David Treen).

Daniel Z.
Daniel Z.

Tom: Byrd is not the spokesperson of the entire party. ADMINICENAME: Yes, both parties have racists. And just as there are probably racists in the Democratic party who refused to vote for Jindal in the last election there are also racists in the Republican party who have flat out told me (and others) that they would never vote for a Democrat because Democrats are a bunch of "N****R LOVERS". I am not "proud" of the history of the Democratic party. However, to argue that the Democratic party of the 1800's is the Democratic party today is just plain false. The point of this thread is to try and blame the Democrats of today for what Democrats in the past did. However many of those Democrats left the Democratic party for the Republican party. Avman ignores the southern strategy of the Republican party, a more recent example of racism than the death of Republicans in 1800 new orleans. The fact of the matter is the majority of the Democrats who where Klansmen switched to the Republican party because the Democrats became the party that supported equal rights for black people. So the people who are actual Democrats are not people who would have been Democrats back then.


Dan, let's not forget which party Robert KKK Byrd still remains a part of. Let's not forget how Kathleen Blanco darkened up a photo of Bobby Jindal in order to make him look more like an African American in order to woo the racist vote. Let's not forget how white Democrats drew up racist cartoons of Condeleeza Rice. Let's not forget how Cruz Bustamonte went in front of the NAACP and used the N word and was completely forgiven by the Democrats for without having to apologize. The truth is Dan, is that both parties have it's share of racist today, but that they are a dying breed. My question to you Dan is, are you proud enough of the history of the Democrat party that you won't sign the petition, or are you embarrassed enough of it that you think that Whittington should apologize?


Daniel Z, what party is the home of Robert KKK Byrd? Hmmm - Maybe the Dems haven't changed a bit.

Charles W.
Charles W.

Actually, the Democrats these days still want to pit Americans against each other on the basis of race. It's euphemistically called "affirmative action."

Daniel Z.
Daniel Z.

If you think the Democratic party of today is the same of the Democratic party of the 1800's you really need to read up on some facts. The Republican party of today is no longer the party of Lincoln. And there must be SOME reason why all the dixiecrats left the Democratic party and found a home in the Republican party. What party did Strom Thurmond belong to when he died? Thats right he was a REPUBLICAN. He left the Democratic party and ran for President as a dixiecrat when? It was when the Democratic party was pushing for civil rights. Do you know what the "southern strategy" was? Do a little research on this and you will realize that today's Democratic party is not the Democratic party of old.


Ya know what the difference between Louisiana politics of the mid to late 1800's and modern day Louisiana politics is?? The racists are on both sides and all are very powerful, other than that, they just haven't taken up arms yet...


  1. […] a Republican Louisiana Governor because he integrated black people into his administration, and killed over 300 black people in Louisiana among many other things. I’m not shocked to see a Democrat propose bringing back […]

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