A Plea to Governor Bobby Jindal

March 4, 2008

Mr. Governor,

First, I would like to thank you for the many wonderful experiences you have generated for me over this past year. Working in yours and other campaigns, though very minimal compared to others, has provided me with memories I will cherish the rest of my life.

From the first day I met you I was filled with hope that you would deliver the changes this state has so badly needed for so very long. Never once has that hope waned, but has grown with every meeting and every struggle. You are truly a Blessing to Louisiana and I am certain that you hold great promise for this country.

It is that great promise I would like to address.

On Day One, you began delivering on your promises to turn this state around and in less than two months have elevated this state to a #1 ranking in ethics. After decades of embarrassing corruption and being the brunt of jokes from too many state officials being hauled off to prison, the thought of being the best at anything was difficult to imagine, especially in political ethics. However, your vision of reform has prevailed.

Now, with your second Call for a Special Session to address the enormous need for fiscal responsibility and tax reform, you have again boosted the hope in the hearts of all Louisianans. A hope that we will finally see true fiscal reforms that will actually promote business, create long awaited jobs, and grow our state, as you further work to repair our neglected infrastructure.

Mr. Governor, in such a short time we have gone far. I know that if you are given the honest chance you deserve this state will see improvements the most loyal supporter never dared imagine, that will change the hearts and minds of even your greatest opposition.

It is that chance, that opportunity you deserve that I would like to address.

Mr. Governor, you have before you an opportunity to save our state from a once accelerating fall into the abyss and grow yourself into an even more profound asset that will not only continue to benefit this state, but our country, as well.

Having barely taken your hand off the Bible at your inauguration the talk of you becoming the Vice Presidential candidate began to circulate. What a proud moment for all in Louisiana to actually see such a positive light being cast upon our state by so many across the country. How amazing that in such a short amount of time Louisiana’s finest was being considered for one of the highest leadership positions in this country.

It is this consideration that I wish to address.

With hope building in our state that we may finally see a miraculous change in our course toward an ever deepening bottom, we are now faced with the distinct possibility that this miracle will be snatched right out of our grasp before we are actually able to feel its embrace. Though possibly seen as selfish on the part of your constituency, I fear it would be seen as cruel by you who has delivered so much hope.

Mr. Governor, I am compelled to plead with you, sir, to send these clouds of worry and fear out of Louisiana.

Mr. Governor, I am compelled to remind you, sir, of your promise to me that, if called upon, you would serve a full eight years as Governor of Louisiana, as you declared Louisiana as your home and your passion, and as you spoke of your desires to change our state.

Please, Mr. Governor, dispel these worrying rumors of becoming the next Vice President and tell the world you have commitments at home that must be fulfilled, first.


Dear friend, take heart. Governor Jindal has already addressed this issue, as has been pointed out on the esteemed Excellence In Broadcasting network. To Quote the Governor, "I have the Job I want." He made mention of the fact that he had made promises that he feels uniquely qualified to keep, and wants to see those promises through. He is, and remains, J: The Governor.

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