A recipe for becoming a successful President

August 6, 2012

by Mark Parham

About the author. I am not a professional writer or scholar but I share an opinion and that is all I offer based on factual information and what I take from it as truth.

First, Lie Lie and Lie some more!!  Make promises that knowingly can never be kept, yet at the same time convincing millions its a walk in the park and doable. Speaking in burst allows the message to be driven into the minds (loosely used word) of the eager and vulnerable masses willing to follow the Piper anywhere, even over the unseen cliff they knew nothing about or ever thought could happen. Also include in this recipe the ability to blame others and offer a better way out of the mess than the other guy. And finally, try to keep your true agenda as hidden as possible before the election. Otherwise, too many may catch on to the scam being perpetrated on them.

Now for the reality. America bought into the rhetoric, the promises and the scam of a lifetime. President Obama made promises he knew he would never keep. The cliches he used were red flags enough for most of us that were paying attention but the blinding truth simply went over the heads of those willing to believe he could deliver us from evil. That he could bring our country together as one. That he had all the answers for what ailed our nation domestically and on the foreign front when in fact his only answer was the demise of our Republic. Remember these recent cliches? You didn’t build that! Everyone must pay their fair share. We inherited this mess!! And one of my favorites, “We tried our plan and it worked.”  The one cliche that caught mine and millions of others attention came in 07 when Candidate Obama stated: “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.

Has he kept that promise? Absolutely and then some. The unemployment is currently at 8.3%. Add those no longer looking and those no longer on the benefits dole (U6 and U12) and that number rises to nearly 23%. (BLS stats)  The unemployed in the Great Depression topped out at 25%,  pretty close wouldn’t you say. Since taking office, our debt has increased by 6 trillion  dollars, food stamp recipients is up to 47 million and counting, and almost half of ALL households in the US on receiving some sort of government assistance. Should the talk of raising taxes on top of looming Obamacare taxes( yeah I said Taxes) and sharing the wealth through these assistance programs happen, then President Obama has lived up to his promise to transform America. This has been a well thought strategy for many years and American’s were so far dependent on Uncle Sam it was too easy not to push forward with the agenda of overwhelming our system until there is no where to go but down.

Let me ask you this. Why would 47 million people on food stamps and a total of 67 million that receive some form of assistance leave the couch for a minimum wage job when they can pull down about $16 an hour based on all benefits they get for doing nothing. It’s a You don’t have to win to win mentality that has been instilled into this populace that knows no race or gender, that is dragging America to Her knees. It will not take President Obama four more years to finish the job, only his re-election will be enough.

The choice is clear, whether your candidate is the last one standing or they are already gone, (My choice was Mr. Cain) President Obama must be retired on November 6th or America will cease to exist as we knew Her and was taught about Her in American History. Our children may never know what real freedom was like when the government tells you what, when, where or why on any issue. You want true Hope and Change? Make it so November 6th

Has He kept his promise?









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