September 13, 2007

Assault – To hit, to cause damage to, adding excessive salt to a hamburger.

In case you haven’t heard by now, over salting a burger can land you in jail, or at least in Georgia it does. After hearing about this, I guess it’s safe to say that salty burgers aren’t the best thing since Chef’s chocolate salty balls.
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In my fantasy world, and it’s just a fantasy world, any officer that is so incompetent that he does not know when to stop eating an over salted burger would be fired. More over, to arrest an employee because he believed that the employee attempted to assault him is nothing less than an abuse of power. But that’s as I said, it’s just a fantasy world.

Many of you are shocked that an officer would arrest somebody for the unforgivable crime of screwing up a fast food order, and I’m with you. What’s wrong with this cop? Hasn’t he ever been to a fast food restaurant before? They screw things up. It’s like part of their job description? When you go through the drive through you always get at least four things, a burger, some fries, a coke, and a screwed up order. It’s just the way things work. Normal people understand that.

Unfortunately in the United States we have people that will agree with the incompetent officer. There are people that think that she should have been arrested for this, and who can blame them for thinking this way?

We’ve brought this on ourselves really. When you stop to think about it, it’s kind of our fault. We have people that think we have a ‘right’ to a cure to Aids. And why do they think they have a Right to a cure? Because they want inconsequential sex. They want to separate sex from the responsibility that goes with it, with the exception of wearing a condom. We could go more into that, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

We treat second hand smoke like it’s the second coming of the bubonic plague. We give more attention to it than we do the West Nile or Ebola viruses. We have more fear of people driving with cellphones than we do of the cancers known as Hugo Chavez or Kim Jung. We have convinced ourselves that we have a Right to live forever, and with socialized health care, we can do it at somebody else’s expense.

We’ve become afraid of the Ten Commandments, people praying in public buildings, saying ‘Merry Christmas” to each other, and well, those evil Christians who get offended when somebody takes their sacred crosses and places them in a jar of urine in the name of art. Some how, ironically we feel comfortable enough with religious radicals that we believe they’ll be peaceful with us if we would just leave them alone. This despite these radicals telling us several times that if we don’t convert to Muslim, they’ll kill us.

Look around the nation, we’ve become afraid of everything. We’ve become afraid of dying, of failing, of injury, of getting sick… of living our lives. We’ve become afraid of sagging pants for crying out loud…well, I guess that’s always been scary.

But if the once Home of the brave is going to continue to be afraid of everything, how on earth can we ever be a nation that can muster enough courage to fight a war? Yeah, we deserve to lose in Iraq. We deserve to lose because we are a nation that le’s fear stop them. Edmund Burke is often quoted with “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Seems to me all the real men are over seas, while back home the kooks are running the asylum.

What’s next? Fear of Fox News?


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