A Town Hall?

November 27, 2009

It has been called to my attention that there will be a Citizen’s Town Hall Meeting at Boudreaux’s on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 6 pm. Apparently Senator Landrieu and Senator Vitter as well as Congressmen Boustany, Cassidy, and Melancon will be there. I don’t know how they will be there since they are, or they should be, in Washington D.C. Am I the only person who finds it disturbing that our congressmen are really only required to be in Washington D.C. three days a week, except on occassions when certain politicians find it necessary to increase government powers, thereby increasing their own powers, with votes on Fridays and Saturdays, as was the case with this power grab disguised as health care reform, last Saturday.

Last time I checked, both the House and the Senate will be in session, which means all of the Louisiana delegation is supposed to be in Washington D.C. voting and debating on issues. If anybody attends this event, here’s a few questions I’d like to ask of the Senators and Congressmen…

1. You only have to work three days this week, is it really that necessary for you to take today off while your colleagues slip in pet projects into this bill?

2. How many days have you taken off to actually read the bills?

3. Is there a reason you couldn’t have agreed to do this on a weekend, or was there a junket in Aruba too important to cancel?

4. Did you know that you could have sent a staffer instead of missing out on potentially important votes?

5. Is Louisiana the only state missing half of its delegation?

6. Dr. Boustany, shouldn’t you be either in Washington D.C., or at least your own district?

7. Representative Melancon, being that you want to be our next Senator, do you think it would be better to meet with your constituents during the break that you took the junket instead of on a day when you’re supposed to be in Washington D.C.?

8. Why should we re-elect any of you that are here instead of being where you’re being paid to be?

Don’t get me wrong, since the advertisement does allow for staffers to show up (in parenthesis). I’m not trying to pick on the staffers who show up, but if I wanted to talk to them, I’d either call, or just show up at their offices. I’m still trying to figure out why Charles Boustany’s or his staff would bother to show up. Is this an indication that he’s gearing up to challenge Senator Vitter much like Charlie Melancon is? At least Melancon’s district is a mere 15 minute drive away.

I doubt if Charles Boustany is looking to run against Senator Vitter, but if he is, he’s making a big mistake. A lot has changed to drive Vitter’s troubles away, whatever they were. You see, we’ve got much bigger problems at hand. If I was Senator Vitter, I’d walk up to President Obama, shake his hand and say “Thank you Mr. President for being such a huge boost to my re-election chances, now if you don’t mind, I’ve got to continue to oppose you on so many issues, keep up the hard work for my re-election.”

One year ago, Senator David Vitter looked like he was in trouble, but much to Charlie Melancon’s chagrin, if it’s not President Obama, it’s Mary Landrieu. Between those two, why on earth would this state even considering sending another Democrat to U.S. Senate?

I doubt Representative Charles Boustany or his staff would bother theirselves with this, it simply must be a faux pas. Boudreaux is a common name in Louisiana, somebody ought to scope out any Boudreaux’s in Boustany’s district, his staff probably thought it was that one.

I won’t be able to attend this event, however, what I really find intriguing is whether or not Boustany’s or his staff actually attend this town hall. If he does, that might just as well be an indication that he’s seeking a higher office, if not Vitter’s seat, then it’s something else.

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