A Winning Strategy for 2012

May 14, 2012

Friends we are doing ourselves a disservice as conservatives. The nearer we draw to the convention in Tampa, the further apart we slide. A great rift is growing in the conservative movement, and we have to get it in check. Romney, Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, whomever you support this much is true. There is common ground to be had, and the common ground is winning territory in November.

I have had my fill of hearing that a vote for X is a vote for Obama. Hogwash! We have an opportunity to defeat Chairman O regardless of who we nominate. These are the issues that we need to concentrate on to achieve victory in November. I promise you, if we stand united on these issues, our candidate will stand with us, and we will win. If we continue to rip and tear at each other, then our candidate will spend too much time defending himself against the allegations brought forward in the primaries to be able to gain any traction. I entreat you, therefore Brothers and Sisters, in the name of Reaganomics to give ear. Consider this as we build our platform and let us lock arms and take this election by storm.

First and foremost, I think that we can all agree that this administration has played fast and loose with our checkbook. In the past four years, we have seen an unprecedented increase in government spending. I find this to be an amazing feat. After all, on its own, the government has no money. The government uses OUR money. I’m not happy with the way that my money has been spent, and as a result, I would like to see a reduction in spending. In fact, considering that the government has no money, and that they have never been denied a raise in the debt ceiling, I propose that it is time to bring this deficit spending to a loud, screeching halt. Plank number one: We must amend the United States Constitution to require that the operating budget of the United States government may not come to a vote unless it is BALANCED.

Secondly, the tax burden on the American business is too high. The Democrats have done everything they can to increase taxes on businesses. This does absolutely nothing to harm the fortune 500 companies that they call corrupt. It hurts neither Exxon-Mobil nor Halliburton nor any other corporation. You cannot tax a corporation. They merely pass the tax on their tax burden to the consumer. In other words, when the Government takes up the torches and pitchforks and marches against the corporate monster that has been created, they only hurt us. It is we who pay those taxes. We who lose jobs as big business reduce their workforce. It is the small business owner that feels the brunt of the blow. They are the ones that will struggle to survive under the weight of this economic oppression. Small Business owners, who pay 44% of all private payroll in America according to the United States small business administration, are forced to cut payroll, cut hours, reduce workforce, or even close their doors. With a reduction in the tax burden, we will see a new growth in small business profitability, which translates into new jobs, more hours, and an increased benefit to employees in this country. Plank number 2: Decrease the Tax Burden on American business.

Anyone who has driven a car in the last ten years is aware of the shameful state of our fuel prices. We all feel the pain at the pump regardless of whether or not we drive. The high cost of diesel has raised the prices on all manner of products from produce, to meat and dairy, to textiles, to electronics. Our utility bills now feature a fuel surcharge. Our waste collection bills feature a fuel surcharge. Oh, and it costs us more to fill up our vehicles too. That might be important. We have heard from Democrats and Republicans alike that we are in desperate need of reducing our dependency on foreign oil. To the Democrat mind, that means we need to reduce our dependence on oil. They behave as if there is no source of domestic oil. This could not be further from the truth. In ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico and the Bakken reserve, there is enough oil to sustain this country for years to come. The problem is that the Democrats will not allow us to drill for it. It is crucial that the United States be able to produce its own oil now and in the future. Plank number three: End President Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling, expand oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Open the ANWR reserve and expand production in the Bakken oil reserve as well.

By this point, some of you are screaming at me and pulling your hair out, but I promise you, I have not forgotten. The biggest, most highly publicized atrocity with which this administration has saddled the American public is quite simply The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Obamacare. There I’ve said it, and it has left a foul taste in my mouth. Are you happy? OF COURSE YOU AREN’T HAPPY! That’s why you’ve been waiting for me to talk about it. This is the most blatant, most transparent form of socialism ever produced by the Democratic Party. The party that brought us Welfare, Medicare, Social Security and the Graduated Income Tax has now said, “I have an idea. Let’s take over the medical field!” How this Obamanation ever passed through even a Democrat controlled Congress with so much public outcry against it is beyond me. As a people, we should be outraged and offended. It should fill us with rage that our duly elected representatives thumbed their nose at us in such a blatant fashion. They have proven that they care nothing for our opinion and that they do not represent us. They have freely raised the taxes necessary to fund this Obamanation. Need I remind you that in our history, we have fought wars over this, namely the American Revolution? Plank number four: Repeal Obamacare Immediately. I know that many of you have your doubts that Candidate Romney will take this step, but I can promise you this. “The Human Windsock” Mitt Romney, will do what is necessary to win this election, and he will support the repeal of Obamacare, because he sees how unpopular it is.

Finally, we have allowed the problem of illegal immigration to take the back burner for far too long. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not talking about individuals who come to this country on valid visas, go through proper channels and become a resident alien. I’m not talking about those who have worked hard to gain citizenship through legal means. I simply mean those that sneak across our border and siphon off our government programs. Or maybe it’s those that come with a legitimate visa, but do not renew it when it expires. The Democrats are fond of this question, “What makes a person illegal?” Simply put, it is not the person that is illegal, it is their activity. What activity? The act of remaining in country without a valid visa is illegal. These people are breaking the law, yet we give them government money and free health care. We cater to their every need and we disapprove of anyone that tells them that what they are doing is wrong. No other crime is treated this way. We have entire cities that have set themselves up as sanctuaries to those who commit this crime, yet their would be public outcry if a city decided to provide safe haven to anyone who committed felony theft, breaking and entering or murder and rightly so, in fact because no city should be able to defy ANY federal law without consequence. Plank Five: Require that all law enforcement agencies that receive federal money completely enforce immigration laws or forfeit all federal dollars. Furthermore, immediately cease and desist the granting of federal benefits to anyone who is neither a citizen of this country or a legal resident alien.

The items that I have laid out are items that the people of this country believe in. They are issues that strike to the heart of the conservative grass roots. If we embrace these issues, they will lay the ground work for a conservative victory in 2012, 2016, 2020, or any other year that we march forth with such an agenda. We can no longer be afraid to put a conservative message forward. We need to separate ourselves from the Democrats. Too much of the country believes that there simply is no difference between the two parties. It is time to prove them wrong and stand up for the principles that we all share.


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