A Word From A Pastor’s Heavy Heart…

October 27, 2012

Guest Commentary by Pastor Robbie Bankens

Brother Robbie is a home grown Louisiana Soul with a passion for standing up in the pulpit and going against the flow of apathetic churches. He is Pastor at Abundant Grace of Petal, Mississippi. With his permission, I share this message.

From the heart of Pastor Robbie, written Oct. 27th, 2012


I’m writing this from a Shepherd’s heart that is so heavily burdened for our Nation and it’s People that I feel a mandate from God above to speak as I’m speaking right now.  I’m writing this not as a rebuke, but as an Alarm!  My heart is completely humbled as I write these words.  This is also NOT a Political Post, but One of Morality.  I was awakened much of the night last night in Prayer, burdened of the Lord for America.  Please hear me out and don’t turn a deaf ear to these words that I now write.

The issues of which I’m writing are not Political issues, but they are Moral issues, which have been hijacked and stolen from the Church and entered into the Political Mine Field of other issues and after being told that these issues are “Political” for so many years, Society and the Christian Church have bought this lie, hook, line and sinker.  But it’s just that – A Lie!

James 4:17, “Therefore, To Him Who Knows To Do Good And Does It Not, To Him It Is Sin.”  (Please keep this verse of scripture as a basis of reflection as you read the rest of my words)

I hope many read this, but I’m speaking directly to the Christians of America within my sphere of influence.  Our Nation is literally at the point of No Return if Righteous Change doesn’t take place immediately!  I don’t believe that I’m overstating the case when I say that this is the single most important election in our Republic’s short 236 year history.  There has never been so much at stake as there is at this stage of our existence as a sovereign Nation.  Everything that this Country was founded upon and founded for is now on the verge of being done away with.  Our Religious Freedoms and Civil Liberties which have been purchased with the shed blood of our Nation’s finest for more than Two Centuries are now at stake!  We have never known life without these things here in this Nation and we have taken them for granted as though they would always be, but again, I implore you to truly shake yourself and see the Handwriting On The Wall!  Time is Up!  Something must happen Now!

Many good, well-meaning Christians are depending solely upon the Lord to fix this and if He doesn’t, then they are simply assigning that as “God’s Perfect Will”.  My dear Brothers and Sisters, God has Always, Always, Always, utilized humankind as His instruments in this world to bring about His agenda.  He utilized Moses to lead the Children of Israel out of Egyptian Bondage. He used Jonah to go preach to the people of Ninevah to Repent and turn to Him lest they be destroyed.  He used young David to kill the Philistine giant, Goliath of Gath in the face of overwhelming odds.  He has ALWAYS used “People” to do His work and His will in this world. It’s no different today.

As I write these words, we are only Ten Days away from “Choosing” our next President of these United States of America.  We have two very different candidates.  I have been accused of being a racist because of some of the things that I am about to address, but anyone who truly knows me, knows that I am not a racist.  I am SO grateful that our Country has FINALLY come to the place that an African-American can be elected to the highest Office in this Land.  I applaud that and I am sincerely so grateful that we’ve reached that point.  Frankly, it’s been far too long in coming!  So there is nothing that I’m speaking today or any other time that has anything at all to do with Race.  Race is a complete “Non-Issue” with me, in any aspect of life.  As far as I’m concerned, we are all of the Human Race and that’s the only Race that counts, because the Human Race is the Race that Jesus Christ bled and died for.

As a Christian, there are (3) Three Fundamental Issues that are of the most importance to me.  It’s not Fiscal Policy, although that is very important.  It’s not Foreign Policy, although, again, that too is extremely important.  However, I’m of the persuasion based upon the Word of God and my own personal experience with His faithfulness, that if We, The People, Seek First His Kingdom & His Righteousness, that He will bless us Fiscally and even defend us from our enemies.  But that’s where we have strayed.  We have become a Nation who seeks the Creation above the Creator!  We seek material Blessing above the Blessor!  Our Priorities have been shifted and though true Repentance begins in the heart, it also proves itself through One’s deeds and actions.  We MUST Repent and realign ourselves with God’s heartbeat and then we will again begin to see “God Bless America”, but not until!!!

 The 1st Moral Issue is Abortion.  Right now, there is a little baby boy or baby girl, created in the image and likeness of God, being brutally slaughtered within it’s Mother’s Womb every 26 seconds in our Nation.  They call it Choice, but God calls Abortion – “MURDER”!  The proponents of this heinous act have attempted to label the Unborn as merely a fetus, a blob of inconsequential tissue and cells without a Living Soul, but God has declared in His Holy Word that “before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you”.  Since 1973, we have slaughtered more than 52 Million little “People” in America and my friend, their innocent blood is crying out for Justice to a Holy and Righteous God!  President Barrack Obama is strongly pro-Abortion, pro-Late Term Abortion, pro-Partial Birth Abortion, pro-Infanticide and his voting record and his own words bear this out as factual.  One thing that God says that He “Hates” is “Hands that shed Innocent Blood.”  What could be more innocent than a precious little baby boy or girl?  Governor Mitt Romney is not completely pro-Life, as I wish he were.  He favors abortion in the case of Rape, Incest or to save the Life of the Mother.  Regardless of how the child was conceived, he or she is still a Living Soul and a Little Person who is at our mercy.  Yet, there is still a huge difference between the two candidate’s positions.  We have the opportunity of possibly slowing the rate of abortions by 80% -95% by our Vote.  I have actually heard some Christians state that they aren’t going to vote for either candidate because neither of them are completely Pro-Life, so they’re just going to stay home and continue to “Pray”.  But I say, that to sit by and do “Nothing” when we could do something and perhaps make a huge dent in the number of babies being slaughtered in this Nation is Sin itself.  Yes that’s what I said.  We can pray until we’re blue in the face, but if we sit idly by and do nothing to save these precious lives, then even as we pray (in vain) we are sinning, because remember, “To Him Who Knows To Do Good And Does It Not, To Him It Is Sin”.  We MUST act to save these precious babies!

The Second Moral Issue is the Protection of Marriage.  God has made it abundantly clear that Marriage is an act that is between a Man and a Woman, not same-sex!  As a matter of fact, He’s clearly stated that the act of Homosexuality, much less Homosexual Marriage is an Abomination and He abhors it!  Paul let’s us know in the 1st Chapter of Romans that blatant homosexuality is the very final stages of a society that’s in utter moral failure, on whom God’s wrath and judgment has fallen!  President Obama has recently endorsed Homosexual Marriage.  Governor Mitt Romney has stated that he would endorse a Constitutional Amendment cementing into Law that Marriage is a Sacred Union between a Man and a Woman and my friend, that’s God’s plan too!  We will never change God to fit into what’s Politically Correct.  He is the Lord and He changes not, so we must change our ways of thinking to align with His!  We, as the Church, if we want to be on the side of God, then we must support and protect Marriage as being between a Man and a Woman.  My friend, anything less is asking for God’s Judgment to fall without reservation upon this Nation, just as we read of in Romans Chapter 1.

The Third Moral Issue is our Alliance With The Nation Of Israel.  God stated that He Would Bless Those Who Bless Israel and He Would Curse Those Who Curse Israel.  President Obama has continually for the past nearly 4 years, insulted, rejected and abandoned our best and only real friend in the Middle East, ISRAEL.  He has gone out of his way to befriend, embrace and embolden her Muslim neighbors who have made it abundantly clear that they want nothing less than to blow Israel off of the Map.  He has also stated and I quote, “Should the Political Winds Shift, I will stand with the Muslims”.  Governor Mitt Romney is very Pro-Israel and wants to strengthen our alliance with her once again.  We must stand with Israel if we expect God to bless us.

My dear brothers and sisters, with just the little bit of information that I’ve given, I must say that to sit this election out and not vote, regardless of whether you’re praying or not, to not act, is cowardly, self-centered and sinful!  I say that as kindly as I possibly can, but it’s simply the Truth.  To KNOW to do right and to then not do it, it is SIN!  

Protecting the life of the Unborn is RIGHT! To not do it, is SIN!

Protecting the Biblical Depiction Of Marriage is RIGHT! To not do it, is SIN!

Protecting our Alliance with the Nation of Israel is RIGHT! To not do it, is SIN!


We must Pray!  2nd Chronicles 7:14, “If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We must Pray! We must also Turn from our wicked ways (Repent) and seek FIRST the desires of God!  Repent is a VERB.  It requires ACTION.  There is fruit thereof.

I pray that on November 6th, the Body of Christ in this Land will arise in one united voice and stand with Righteousness!  Then and only then can we hope to see God’s hand of blessing rest upon our Nation once again.  Lest we act now, our days of Liberty and Freedom are nearing their rapid end and our Children and Grandchildren will be the ones who suffer the greatest costs of our Apathy and Inactivity!  In other words, they will reap the consequences of the Sins of their Fathers and Mothers who chose to remain Silent and Apathetic when they could’ve done RIGHT!

I love each of you, I love God and I do love America and I pray that we will do the right thing while we can and I pray that we always remain One Nation Under God!

In Christ,

Pastor Robbie Bankens

Abundant Grace of Petal, Mississippi

October 27, 2012





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