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January 10, 2008

I’m sitting here watching the debate and Ron Paul made a statement that we treat Israel like a step child.
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George W. Bush is working on a peace plan in the Middle East, just like Clinton, and Bush before him, and Reagan, and Carter, and Ford, and Nixon. In fact, we’ve been seeking out peace since at least Neville Chamberlain… It’s safe to say, we gave peace a chance.

Here’s what I see we do to Israel. First we watch the Palestinians attack Israel… Israel fights back, begins to win the war, and then we go in there to force a cease fire. The Palestinians regroup, then attack Israel again. It’s a process that has been going around in circles over and over, continuously putting Israel at risk by keeping their enemies alive, and we have the audacity to call them our allies.

Will somebody please explain to me how we have been allies to Israel? I don’t see it, I haven’t seen it in a long time. If we were allies of Israel, we’d allow them to defend and to defeat their enemies without forcing peace on them. Their enemies don’t want peace, their enemies want to build up until they can defeat and destroy Israel.

If we weren’t there in the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, and the nineties, Israel would have wiped out their enemies in the Middle East and Osama wouldn’t ever have been a problem to begin with. At least that’s the way it seems to me.

What’s odd is that there are people who want to keep forcing peace in the Middle East, knowing full well that each time peace is only temporarily achieved until the next time Israel gets attacked, and yet we still want to believe that peace can be achieved through a treaty. If you ask me, that sounds crazy.

More tonight’s debate tomorrow.


Ron Paul does make some good points about our relationship with Israel. Remember, Israel was ready to roll through Lebanon not too long ago, hopefully on the way through Syria to give us another front in the War on Terror. Who stopped them? The United States, led by President Bush and Sec. Rice. So Greta, Ron Paul does have a point. However, despite other disagreements I have with Dr. Paul, Neal Boortz said it best yesterday. Ron Paul's biggest liability is his supporters, as many of them are Diebold and 9/11 conspiracy kooks. Not to mention, many others the rudest bunch (you and Chad are not included in that description, Jeff).

Greta Perry
Greta Perry

You just went down in the Ron Paul mothership Jeff and I can't say I want to be on that ship. There I said it!

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