Ain’t No April Foolin Around Here

April 1, 2008

We here at Louisiana Conservative hold with great pride that even though the writers of Louisiana Conservative can and should endorse candidates, the website, in general, does not take sides in a Republican V Republican race. I know for a fact that both Laurinda Calogne and Woody Jenkins have the support of a couple of our writers. Me personally, I’d rather abstain since, well we have a Barney Franks/John Dingle style liberal running in the Democrat side (both Barney Franks and John Dingle gave Don Cazayoux $2,000), and I think either one of our Republican candidates would make for good representation of Baton Rouge.

I had hopes of staying out of the race over in the first congressional as well, only once pointing out that Tim Burn’s campaign manager held some seemingly anti Christian views that he made public on his blog. I noticed that both campaigns were “mudslinging” which I don’t normally mind. I’d rather be warned about something than find out after the election. Come to think of it, the guy we ought to be mad at should we elect somebody without knowing the negatives is his opponent, after all, shouldn’t he have warned us?

So Steve Scalise does just that, he warns us of Tim Burns’ voting record in his commercial which I have transcribed for you…

Lady: “Drug dealers prey on our community. Every arrest is a victory, so why does Tim Burns weaken our drug laws? As a legislator, Burns voted for early release of drug dealers (cites HB 525 2005 and SB 228 2006). Burns even voted to suspend the sentences of those convicted of drug crimes.

“We can’t afford that.

“We need a congressman who is tough on crime.”

Wording underneath: Steve Scalise passed tougher penalties for violent criminals and sex predators

Lady continues: “We need Steve Scalise in Congress.”

Wording underneath: Steve Scalise Endorsed by Crime Fighters and Alliance for Good Government

Lady Continues: “Tough effective leadership does make a difference”

Wording underneath: Steve Scalise Named “Outstanding Legislator” by Citizens and Victims of Crime paid for and approved by Scalise for Congress

Steve Scalise: “I’m Steve Scalise and I approve this message”

The vote on House Bill 525 , which Tim Burns did indeed vote for, changed the number of years served from 20 to a mere 7 years or as the direct wording changed with the striked word being replaced by the next word…

A person sentenced to a term of life imprisonment for a violation of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law who has served at least twenty seven years of the term of imprisonment in actual custody. However, the provisions of this…

For a summary of this bill click here.

Concerning Tim Burns’ vote on SB 228, crossing party lines and voting with primarily Democrats, Tim Burns voted to allow suspended sentences for three time offenders. In other words, Tim Burns voted to water down the three strikes and your out law. The bill died, but without Tim Burns’ help.

For a summary of this bill click here.

Now whether or not you agree with Tim’s vote, what really should send chills up your spine is how Tim Burns’ tried to cover up his voting record.

Louisiana has a long history of bribery, corruption, back room deals, corrupt judges, etc. Now, I ain’t sayin that this is the case here, but something certainly smells fishy and it ain’t Lake Pontchartrain. When Tim Burns runs like a little five year old girl to her daddy, in this case a daddy judge ready to wrap his little girl up with the long arms of the law, Judge Fendlason grants Burns a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) prohibiting Steve Scalise from making public what votes Burns had cast. No longer can we say Steve didn’t warn us, rather, that a judge has ruled that truth is not protected by free speech.

What makes this ruling so outlandish, is that the judge does not even give Steve Scalise an opportunity to make his case prior to Saturday’s election, giving Scalise the opportunity to have his hearing on Monday following the election. Does this sound like fair treatment of candidates to any of us? What if you were in Steve’s shoes? What if you knew something, but had limited time to warn people, and under protection of the law, you are prohibited from speaking out until after that limited time had passed?

I can no longer stay silent when a candidate will be so incredulous as to hide who he is from the people he represents that he opts to silence free speech. It is ones duty to keep their lips moving, it makes it harder to sew them shut. I will no longer longer stay silent about Tim Burns. I ask that you do not vote for Tim Burns this Saturday.


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