A Convenient Lie?

February 26, 2007

Al Gore wins. What does that say about the other documentaries that it was up against? That’s right folks, don’t waste any money on any documentary this year.

But there was something that caught my attention while Al Gore was accepting his Oscar for his crockumentary. Was it ‘an inconvenient truth’, or just ‘a convenient lie’? Throughout the night, as winners were announced, the announcer would inform us how many times the winner was nominated and how many times they have won an Oscar. Not with Al Gore.

The announcer, for some reason didn’t say any of that, but instead, informed us that ‘Al Gore was in New Orleans filming on the eve of Hurricane Katrina’. Did I hear that correctly? The announcer also stated something else about Katrina and Global Warming. It was followed up with sucking up to Al Gore, about his “inspirational work over the past thirty years”, which again, how long has Global Warming been a big issue to Al Gore?

But let’s get back to the announcement that Al Gore was in “New Orleans on the eve of Hurricane Katrina”. Something doesn’t sit right with me here. The city of New Orleans was busy evacuating two days prior to Hurricane Katrina. Doesn’t it seem strange that somebody of Al Gore’s stature would put himself in danger by not getting out of New Orleans earlier? I haven’t been able to go back and review the footage, so I can’t be sure that what I thought I heard was what was said, but the footage will be able to be seen soon enough.

If I heard that statement correctly, I seriously doubt that Al Gore would have been hanging around New Orleans while a Cat 5 hurricane was coming his way, especially since he would have been more aware of how devastating it would be?

What happens here is that often times a convenient lie will find a way into our movies, television shows, award ceremonies, documentaries, et al, and it’s said so subtly that we hear it, but don’t question it. Nobody, except myself maybe, questions what was said. We heard it, ignored it, but not stricken from our minds. Despite the fact that Hurricanes have been hitting the South for hundreds, even thousands of years before Al Gore was born, that comment helped convince people that Global Warming is as big of a threat to our existence as Al Gore believes it is.

My problem is, if what he’s telling us is such an inconvenient truth, why then give us convenient lies? If truth is on your side, there is absolutely no need to lie.

Update for Correction: The actual quote was that he was “scheduled” and not “in New Orleans”, regardless, it was a still a subtle political point.


I had heard that too and thought it was what you said at first as well which is probably what they intended...thanks for clearing it up but like you said...really no point in saying that other than to continue the Algore Love Fest of the night.

Always On Watch
Always On Watch

Just what was AG supposedly filming "on the eve of Hurricane Katrina"? Where is the footage with a time/date stamp?

D'Arbonne News
D'Arbonne News

No need to lie!?!?!? Why would Algore break with tradition this late in the game?

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