America’s Left – The Stench of Hypocrisy

May 7, 2009

If profit can be easily defined as the benefit one receives in providing a good or service to another then hypocrisy can be easily defined as criticizing others for doing the same things the criticizer does. The left isn’t against profits, they are merely against the profits of others. The American Left has absolutely no problem with the United Auto Workers digging their hands all over the profits of the companies, they just have a problem with the investors who made it possible for the company to exist to benefit from their investments. They have absolutely no problems with ACORN, an organization under investigation for fraud benefiting from the election of the Left, it’s just the banks who took a risk of lending money to people so they may buy a house who should not profit.

It’s not the Patriot Act that they were against, it’s just certain people the Patriot Act targeted that they were against… people like foreign terrorist, but when a 16 year old home schooled student with American flags all over his bedroom possibly sent a bomb threat under Obama’s administration, they believe well, in silence. Of course who are they to complain… he had American flags in his room… obvious sign of a terrorist… And God forbid he was home schooled which is sure to draw the wrath of liberals everywhere. How dare somebody receive a better education than they would in our public schools?

And with Jose Serrano’s bill to repeal the 22nd amendment now heading to committee, one has to wonder if the American Left actually believes that Bush stole the election, or where they using that as an excuse to justify their own fraudulent votes? If Bush the idiot outsmarted Liberals twice by stealing elections, shouldn’t they be happy that the 22nd amendment is in effect? Yet no outrage from the American Left.

They spout allegations that FOXNEWS is biased and criticize people who watch FOXNEWS as being so dumb that they have to have FOXNEWS tell them what to think… and they do this while watching MSNBC. MSNBC carries Rachel Maddow, Chris “Obama sends a tingle up my leg”, and the tea bagged Keith Olberman. Isn’t it the stench of hypocrisy that MSNBC and it’s viewers complain about FOXNEWS being biased? It’s either unapologetic hypocrisy or flat out stupidity.

They have praised people who vomited on the streets, women who walked around naked, accused our soldiers of killing babies as patriots who are protesting the war. They want us to understand criminals and forgive them (search Tookie Williams), and sympathize with vulgarity from the hard left. But when hard working American’s stand up for their own rights of labor, property, and freedoms, they dismiss them as irrelevant. They have no problem with people burning the American flag and viciously defend their right to do that, but make a mockery and insult people who wave the American flag. They cried that their Patriotism was being questioned, despite very little evidence that their Patriotism was being questioned… but now wish to lecture us that Patriotism is as they define it.

They have repeatedly accused Bush of trying to bring back the draft, yet when Democrat Charlie Rangel proposed the draft, they thought it was a good idea because “if rich people had to send their children to war, war would be less likely to happen”. Despite Bush’s repeated statements that he would veto any legislation to reinstate the draft, the American Left repeatedly cited Rangel’s bill and screamed Bush was doing it.

They have accused George Bush of being like Hitler and called Republicans “Nazis” but both deny that the Democrat controlled congress is trying to force servitude on to our nation’s youth (think Hitler Youth) and or justify it — a fine, fine example of this would be Lamar White’s piece. Nice, he even called me a racist… how about that folks, a self righteous white guy calling me a racist? I’m a lot browner than he is.

Oh, and Lamar, since I think the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are a foreign concept to you, I’ll quote:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

So Lamar, how is “Mandatory Volunteer Service” not the same thing as involuntary servitude? Oh, that’s right, Democrats are doing it, so it makes it okay. However, his piece shows an inherit difference between the Left and people such as myself. Lamar believes that as Patriots, we owe our government service while I’ll believe that governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

And speaking of Nazism, racism and preferential treatment, the only people that I see obsessing over Obama’s race is the left. This is 2009, get with the program, nobody cares about a person’s race anymore. Well except for a few fossil racists and folks on the left. Being that Lamar isn’t too far from Jena, Louisiana, who knows which category he falls into? But while the Left is lecturing us about Nazi’s, let’s not forget that the Nazi’s also obsessed about race, and believed that certain races deserved preferential treatment over others.

They have screamed throughout the Bush administration because of spending, but with the current administration passing through legislation that would increase the national debt by more than all previous Presidents combined, and who keeps asking for more money in what seems to be a daily habit, they want us to just give him a chance.

Which is ironic, or just more stench of hypocrisy, since the election day the first time Bush won, they couldn’t stop criticizing Bush… accusing him of stealing the election and calling him the “Selected” President because the Supreme Court supposedly selected him. We’ve already given Obama far more time than the Left ever dreamed of giving Bush.


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