An Open Letter to Baton Rouge Business Report

May 17, 2007

Mr. Editor:

Your poll for May 17, “What should the Legislature do with the $400 million set aside for the ThyssenKrupp plant?” paints such a clear picture of the woes of North Louisiana. How illuminating for this North Louisiana resident that when it comes to spending tax money, you don’t even consider this part of the State.
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Your poll answers were insulting to me at the very least. For my entire life (52yrs) this State has suffered from the same narrow thinking that wrongly believes improving south La infrastructure is good for the entire State. WRONG!!!

50% of your poll responses were for spending that money solely in south LA, and the other 50% made no reference to any other part of the State, nor the State as a whole. How inclusive of you! Given your readiness to exclude most of the State in your plans for those expenditures, it is hardly unreasonable to believe that your exclusions were meant for the other 50% of your suggestions.

How do you defend that virtually NOTHING in comparison was offered to Toyota to build in NELA, but over $1BILLION was thrown at ThyssenKrupp? What money are you willing to consider spending on “the next time” in NELA? Considering your poll, you would likely suggest setting aside the same amount offered to Toyota, nothing.

I also found it misleading that one of your poll answers blamed the electrical infrastructure on why the steel mill went to Alabama. That mill went to Alabama because the Governors of MS and AL are actually competent. That mill went to Alabama because the entire U.S. Senate delegations of MS, AL, AND FL, were supporting Alabama as the location.

Blanco, with the help of Katrina Mary Landrieu presented a location for that mill in the State of Confusion and Incompetence. These two incompetents did not even secure the property they were proposing for the mill. Making matters worse, there wasn’t a politician outside of LA that would have ever aligned themselves with Blanco/Landrieu. It would have been political suicide.

FYI, the roads in North LA are far worse as is most infrastructure that the State funds. The schools in North LA are far worse and far more neglected by the State. Of the twenty worst school systems in this State, NINE are in NELA alone, where is also the poorest, most underfunded, most underemployed parishes (counties) IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY and have remained so for DECADES with the blame resting squarely on south LA politicians like John Alario and Sammy Nunez.

You need to pull out a real map and see the real borders to this State. What you may find is the part of this State about which you obviously know nothing. You might actually learn that Louisiana extends further north than I-10.

When those claiming to be so enligtened fail so badly, as you have done, why should anyone in North LA be surprised when ignorant south LA politicians perform likewise. And how telling of south LA attitudes when the largest votes in your poll go to helping south La over any other part of the State and fail miserably to consider the ENTIRE State.

The next time you wonder why North and south LA seem so divided, blame yourselves and the likewise narrowminded politcians representing YOUR part of the State.


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