An Open Letter To The National Organization For Women (NOW)

February 12, 2007

Dear NOW,

I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. I was just perusing your web site and I saw that you take a stance on many issues, from teen contraception to endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. I see that you’re calling for an end to the war in Iraq. I see that you endorse minimum wage and Roe vs. Wade. It looks to me that you champion women’s rights related to a variety of issues. That being said I have some questions:

I was just wondering why I don’t see you saying anything at all about the women of Islam. I guess that the only assumption would be that you don’t know they can’t vote. And, did you know that in many places they can’t own property? Did you know they can’t drive? Did you know that they themselves are little more than property in many cases?

Did you know that under the much touted Sharia law the woman has virtually no rights, not even to leave the house without being covered from head to toe and looking through a slit in a hood, a little like a cross between Cousin It and the Black Knight from Monty Python?

I was wondering because it seems that you would have spoken out about stuff like this if you were truly for women’s rights like you say you are. And while we’re on the subject here are some more questions.

Did you know that in Islam it’s alright, in fact even encouraged, for a man to beat his wife if she displeases him? In fact, “honor” killings are common. That’s when a man kills his wife for dishonoring him or, as in a recent case, his daughter because he suspected that she wasn’t a virgin. The autopsy on the sixteen-year-old girl showed that she was in fact still a virgin but nevermind that. The father just…had a feeling she wasn’t. So he killed her. Okay, that’s against the law in Western societies but if Sharia becomes the law again in Afghanistan or Somalia or Iraq like much of Islam seems to want, well, it just doesn’t sound so good for the women there, does it?

I was just wondering why you don’t speak out on stuff like this. Oh, and another thing:

Under the Taliban women were forbidden to learn to read and write. If the Taliban are pushing to take back Afghanistan why isn’t there some sort of outcry from you and vocal support from you for our military to stop them?

Oh, and the whole stoning thing. Did you know that if a woman is suspected of adultery she can be buried to the waist and stoned to death?

Did you know that punitive or revenge gang rapes are common, or that in Palestine right now if a man isn’t with the Hamas program his wife is stripped naked and forced to walk through the public streets to humiliate him. Not her. Him.

I haven’t heard one single peep from you on this stuff. What ever happened to “I am woman, hear me roar!” I’m not even hearing you squeak on this subject, much less roar.

Can it be that you save all your roaring for safer targets, like the white male majority of this country? They aren’t likely to call you racists or bigots if you speak out on behalf of their women, are they? They’re safe. Terrorists like to call targets that can’t or won’t fight back “soft targets.” Is the American male a soft target for you? Is Islam and its misogynistic, brutal treatment of its women too big and scary of a target?

Just asking.


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