An Unfortunate Prediction Comes True

May 11, 2007

Looks like there will be no “thumping” today.

With today’s announcement of ThyssenKrupp selecting Alabama over Louisiana for their new U.S. location for a steel mill, an unfortunate prediction comes true.
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Poor, poor Kate! She seems unable to catch a break, but she certainly is consistent and “non-discriminatiing”. Not only can our “24-hour” Governor lose established businesses, she is consistent in losing new business.

With an obvious imballance in her efforts to attract Toyota versus her efforts to attract ThyssenKrupp, many in NELA were outraged that Blanco’s efforts to attract Toyota to this part of the State amounted to little more than a vacation in Japan for our Governor. However, when it came to a new steel mill in south LA, the Governor threw everything but the kitchen sink at the German manufacturer including HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS, tax breaks, and likely all the crawfish they could eat, all in vain.

Is this justice for NELA? Hardly. It was likely a few well-picked bones would have finally made their way north, but now there will not even be these fossils to pick over.

The bright side is that there will be more money available to invest by Bobby Jindal, the next Governor of Louisiana, whose sense of fairness will include growing the ENTIRE State, and making certain that so many in south LA. actually know that NELA is truly a part of this State.

Bobby Jindal has promised to invest in the State’s  infrastructure with the one-time money available to Louisiana, rather than creating a future tax hike by investing surplus in reoccurring expenses.

These continuing failures will be the only legacy for Blanco as she goes down as the worst Governor in Louisiana history. These failures also make the time between now and when Bobby Jindal takes charge, much longer, but NELA is hanging in there and looking forward to Bobby Jindal becoming Governor.



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I find it sad our leaders are so proud to come in second.The first step to becoming a winner is to look at what caused us to lose. Gov. Bob Riley so impressed ThyssenKrupp AG officials that they couldn't say no to Alabama. Leadership is something we just don`t have in louisiana.Vote change because what we have now is an embarrassment.


We need new leadership in the governor's mansion. This is a sad commentary for the state.

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