And He’s Back On Top!

July 15, 2008

In hockey, it’s he shoots, he scores!!!!

Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana has found his way back into the hearts of the Louisiana public.

What did it? He’s practically making a former legislator cry like a little baby because he ain’t getting his million dollars in tax dollars anymore. Former Representative Cleo Fields, who had to be forced out of office through the court systems when he tried to jump around term limits, came out whining as if he were a five year old who just had his lollipop taken from him.

Jindal line itemed vetoed Cleo Fields’ pet project the Louisiana Leadership Institute. My question is, if Cleo is so concerned about it, why don’t he put up some of his own money? Have you seen his house? I’m sure he can afford it.

The $100,000 a term man shot back into the limelight to criticize our good governor and, by default, restored Jindal’s hero status. Thanks Cleo!


Well hell, Avman, he's the size of a 5 year old so why shouldn't he act like one? Makes you wonder who the pencil neck thinks he is and exactly how he'sw going to cause Jindal any trouble. Louisiana is profiting greatly by the absence of little cleo and his ilk from the legislature. He should have some money left for his slush academy after poketing a giant wad from ewe on tape. Maybe he spent it all on his mansion...

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