And Into the Night

November 18, 2007

Our 2007 election cycle is completed– almost. It’s all over but the crying, the soul searching, and of course, checking the graveyards for footprints. Halloween might be over, but that don’t mean dead people don’t get up and vote for candidates anymore.
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With a few close elections, you know there’s going to be some checking for voter fraud and the myriad of less than legal means of acquiring votes come Monday morning. Two of those races were in Baton Rouge, which has an extremely light chance of affecting another race, the much contested Sheriff’s race. Will Phares pay attention? I would, but I wouldn’t count on anything since the margin of victory for El Cid was by a large enough of a margin, that even voter fraud probably didn’t keep Phares from winning.

Throughout the night, Greg Phares led in the returns, enough that I thought Greg was going to get the congratulatory calls instead of making a concession speech. Then those late night boxes closed and came in. You see the polls don’t necessarily close at 8 pm, you only have to be in line before the polls close, or call there and tell them you are on your way and they’ll stay open for you.

Like what happened in New Orleans so many times, some of Baton Rouge’s polls had a lot of late voters… and those precincts are what changed the face of last nights elections. Suddenly El Cid was leading Phares, and Cleo Field’s protege Yvonne Dorsey was closing the gap on Jason Decuir.

Inside the numbers….

With one precinct left to report Decuir was leading by seven votes. and of course, that last box was full of Dorsey votes…. humph, imagine that. Now the Cleo Fields Worship Center is probably going to be around for at least another four years, and who knows how rich Yvonne’s going to get while much of her constituents remain mired in poverty.

That is unless, of course, if Jason decides to challenge the results, and if they can find a difference of 93 votes. That last box for the Sheriff’s race was El Cid 192, Phares 48.

01 028 192 48

Finally tally for the Senate race was Decuir 71, Dorsey 171…

01 028 71 171

That’s a plus two votes in the State Senate race over the Sheriff’s race. In fact, what cost Jason Decuir this race is that in the precincts that Yvonne Dorsey won, there was actually 33 more votes cast in the State Senate race than was cast in the Sheriff’s race. In the precincts that Jason Decuir won there was actually 29 less votes cast for the State Senate race than was cast in the Sheriff’s race.

25 of 50 precincts won by Dorsey actually had more votes cast for the Senate race than did the Sheriff’s race. In 16 of 30 precincts won by Jason Decuir actually had less votes cast for the Senate race than did the Sheriff’s race. Precincts that had the same amounts of votes in both Sheriff’s and Senate’s race? Jason had 5, Yvonne had 14.

One could speculate why these numbers have a different outcome between the two, but I’m not going to do it. There’s too many theories one could come up with.

Why would Phares be interested in the outcome of this? At the time Greg Phares was still leading, many of the precincts in the State Senate race were still out. When they came in, El Sid grabbed a lead that he would not relinquish. Still, it’s improbable that Phares could benefit from the Decuir-Dorsey outcome, an outcome that should not be quite over yet.


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