And Still More From The LAGOP Convention

June 4, 2012

Was the LAGOP State Convention fixed? And by who? And more over, was there any legitimacy to the “Ron Paul convention” that happened side by side the LAGOP convention?

Answer in short, 1.Yes 2. Ron Paul’s Organizers 3. No

Now the more extensive answer is this. The LAGOP convention was fixed, but not by the GOP as the Paulistinians would have you believe. Every move the Paulistinians made were planned in advance, including having the Paulistinians practice turning their chairs around in unison and in an orderly fashion so they could have their own convention.

The Chairpersons were pre-selected in anticipation of the police escorting out the chairmen. The idea was to intentionally mislead people into thinking that the Louisiana Republican Party was “Bullying” them. It was intentional that they would force the Sargent At Arms to remove them. One of the Chairman of the Ron Paul led GOP convention according to Ron Paul supporters was a “Delegate” to the LAGOP state convention.

His name is Henry Herford. SCC member, and approved Teller by the LAGOP. He was NOT an elected delegate to the LAGOP state convention. Henry, as you will recall, was the member who “fell down” and had his hip hurt. However, I do believe that Henry is negligent in knowingly and falsely acting in the capacity of a delegate, and forcing the police to have him removed. Had Henry Herford acted in his official capacity of a Teller, which meant he would be counting the votes, he would have never had to have been removed and thus would never have been “injured”.

We now know that Ron Paul’s people intended this from the beginning, including the chairs being turned around, the votes in perfect unison, immediately trying to remove chairmen from their roles and attempting to have their own installed in their place and, as many suspect, including the fall. Henry Herford attempted to lead the LAGOP state convention and he wasn’t even an elected Alternate, much less an elected Delegate. He misled the LAGOP as an SCC Member as did the Chairwoman who ended up leading the Ron Paul convention. Both were members of the SCC, but neither Henry Herford, nor Connie Bernard who led the remainder of the Ron Paul convention, went as elected delegate or alternate. All we can say is “Wow, just amazing”.

Do you want to know what is wrong with the East Baton Rouge School Board? Give you one hint, Connie Bernard is on the East Baton Rouge School Board. Any questions? Is this how you want your public officials acting? Leading disruptive service in the middle of political party’s state convention?

You would think that the respectable news sites, any that are worth their salt, would have done their investigation, especially ones that made the LAGOP state convention their headlines. Especially, since this is how Ron Paul supporters have been acting at each state convention, progressively and liberally worse at each time. One has to wonder if these people plan on going through life being told when to say Yay, when to say Nay, and when to Bah.

For a complete list of delegates and alternates, please click here.


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